The 6 Best Animal Crossing 3 D Games (2023 reviews)

animal crossing 3 d games
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Best Overall:
Buy: Nintendo strategy Game

Best For Nintendo Switch:
Buy: Nintendo First Fire Emblem Game

Best For The Switch:
Buy: Nintendo New adventure

Best For children:
Buy: Nintendo Great little Game

Best With eachother:
Buy: Animal Crossing 3 D Game

Best For moments:
Buy: Nintendo Amazing Game

Best Overall: Nintendo strategy Game

Nintendo strategy Game
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The nintendo strategy game is long-lasting, rigid and fits well with your regular usage like a dream. Command warriors with expert precision and forge deep relationships to master this turn-based strategy game. It is made for veteran players to be harder than birthright and aims to make everything a challenge. Each game has a unique story that reveals more of the overarching plot and different recruitable characters.

This game is great and it is fun to play. Your castle will be spartan and militaristic with lookout points and high walls. It is a nice follow-up to awakening. This is a must have for strategy tactical rpg gamers, for it brings a whole new experience by basically creating your own "Corrin.

Why We Like This:
  • Lives up to the fire emblem name, great story and amazing gameplay
  • A fantastic jrpg for anyone looking for a challenge or casual experience
  • An excellent blend of rpg and strategy elements
  • Excellent strategy game and challenging game

Best For Nintendo Switch: Nintendo First Fire Emblem Game

Nintendo First Fire Emblem Game
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The nintendo first fire emblem game's high-end materials makes sure that it ages well with use. It is a fantastic game with beautiful sprites, good pacing and difficulty. There is an interesting attempt at controlling your main character on a walk through dungeons and castles. The game does have a “casual” mode where permadeath is turned off, but the real challenge comes through its “classic” mode where if any character dies, they’re gone forever. There is also a strong endgame after the main story that is more difficult, requires a decent amount of time/grinding/strategy to clear, and gives more world lore backgrounds that supplement other fire emblem series.

There are two difficulty settings Normal and Hard, and 2 modes. There is more weapon durability either, and the spell system is quite nice where you pay HP for your spells which means your mages have their limits, and are absolutely vulnerable on the front lines. All of this coupled with an incredibly rustic art style easily makes it one of the best stories/presentations in video games for.

Why We Like This:
  • Game is amazing, fully voiced game, keeps things interesting
  • Lot of satisfied buyers

Best For The Switch: Nintendo New adventure

Nintendo New adventure
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It is certainly a breath of fresh air for a zelda game, and breatehs new life into the series. The treasure mini-dungeons are a neat way to make use of different items and push the player to their skill limits to get to treasure chests with large amounts of rupees. You control movement using the Circle Pad (an analog stick), giving you much more precision and control than with an eight-directional D-pad. The eventual addition of quick select early in the game by tapping on the item and using on-screen arrow buttons is a brilliant way to allow the player to stay in the game and just switch items on the fly instead of pausing.

Game play is easy and fun and the story is phenomenal, with a very creative ending that will leave a smirk on your face and utter satisfaction in your heart. This is a fully fleshed out game with no corner cut. The game has re-playability with unlocking a hard mode after your first play through. The new versions of old Zelda tracks and the new tracks are all great and they really add atmosphere to the game.

Why We Like This:
  • The ability to block attacks by having the r button assigned to your shield
  • Excellent game, and an excellent new direction for the zelda franchise
  • Interactions with other characters are quite fun and add a little comedy or drama

Best For children: Nintendo Great little Game

Nintendo Great little Game
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This game is brilliant simply for presenting itself for what it is, a Mario game that pays homage to the old while pressing forward for a new generation of gamers. The three third-tier power-ups (Fire, Tanooki, and the more recent Bommerang) are beautifully thought-out and useful. The gameplay in Super Mario 3D Land is very intuitive. Each stage also contains three special hidden coins, so you can also attempt to find every coin hidden in the game.

Borrowing from new Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario World is the ability to hold a extra Power-up until you need it. The level design is fantastic, and the new powerups are put to very good use. The fire suit is best for clearing out enemies or an enemy that is far away from you. The graphics are extremely colorful and crisp.

Why We Like This:
  • New and familiar abilities add unique game-play strategies to the adventure
  • Very cool videogame that will keep kids entertained
  • Delivers what they promise

Best With eachother: Animal Crossing 3 D Game

Animal Crossing 3 D Game
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Another adventure is about to begin. It has all pokemon unlike another pokemon game. These new titles power up the pokemon sun and pokemon moon content with new story additions and features, earning them the name “ultra!” The changes in the story make things feel a bit fresher, and the post game story feels a bit simple, but it's quite fun going through the Rainbow Rockets, who are actually pretty tough, and quite funny to read their dialogues.

This can only play on gamecube systems and the DS micro systems. There are more pokemon to catch, more mini games, more characters and an expanded story. It is playable and pretty. The game is definitely solid. The changes in the story make things feel a bit fresher, and the post game story feels a bit simple, but it's quite fun going through the Rainbow Rockets, who are actually pretty tough, and quite funny to read their dialogues.

Why We Like This:
  • Unique compared to previous generation pokemon games
  • Great games and hours of non stop pokemon action
  • You can encounter and battle 400+ pokémon, including new forms
  • Great condition and an awesome game for all ages

Best For moments: Nintendo Amazing Game

Nintendo Amazing Game
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They're some well crafted levels that never throw the same thing at you twice. The boss battles are also amazing and require a lot of pattern recognition. It's an excellent portable game with great graphics, immersive 3D, awesome sound, and great gameplay. The graphics are sharp and the game is challenging enough to make it interesting for an older game.

The level design alone makes this the best platformer, bar none, on the 3DS, and definitely one of the best games. The music is fantastic and is a wonderful mix of remixed tracks from the original DKC and brand-new ones. There's also an "new" mode, which gives the characters a bit more health and offers some items to make it through tricky spots.

Why We Like This:
  • Graphics are great on the 3ds and the gameplay is smooth
  • Has that nostalgic feel of the classic but with new and improved gameplay
  • You gain the ability to play in 3d, which looks pretty cool