The 9 Best Barbie style cars (2023 reviews)

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Best Overall:
Buy: Barbie Great Car

Best For LOL Doll:
Buy: Barbie signature style

Best quality Car:
Buy: Barbie extra Car

Best For pretend Barbi trip:
Buy: Barbie colorful vehicle

Best With Ken Dolls:
Buy: Barbie Fiat Car

Best With roof:
Buy: Barbie Dolls style

Best For money:
Buy: Barbie FAB new Car

Best For two Dolls:
Buy: Barbie style Car

Best For both The Car:
Buy: Barbie cool Car

Best Overall: Barbie Great Car

Barbie Great Car
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If you are currently in the market searching for a most appropriate car for your daily usage, you cannot go wrong with this product. This is a must item along with a barbie dream house, kids love it. It fits 2 standard sized barbie dolls. The car's sporty shape has a spoiler in the back and silvery wheels that really roll. It moves well on the carpet.

The steering wheel is functional, the tires are plastic but spin. It fits for 2 dolls to sit inside. It's good quality and the car fits two barbies very well. It's a very suitable car for a child to play with or anybody else that wants to customize.

Why We Like This:
  • Would recommend as an affordable option for anyone looking for a barbie vehicle
  • Great addition to any barbie lovers collection
  • Sparkly car perfect for little girls
  • Light weight so easy for little ones to maneuver

Best For LOL Doll: Barbie signature style

Barbie signature style
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This car is so beautiful for the dream dollhouse. It fits dolls the size of a barbie. It’s roomy for the Elsa and Ana dolls. It’s almost 12 inches long and almost 7 inches wide. The doll legs can go into the car to seat the doll perfectly. It is manual, so you can push it for the car to “drive, then push it again or hold on to the car to continuously push to “drive” it during play.

This car is very well built and the color is amazing and can not be resisted by any 4 year old. They go in and out very easily.

Why We Like This:
  • Great toy for a little girl
  • Fits good in the doll house
  • Good brand reputation

Best quality Car: Barbie extra Car

Barbie extra Car
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The features department is where barbie extra car truly manages to shine. It fits all barbie genders additionally it is a great gift for a girl. It comes with all kinds of accessories and they have a line of dolls that goes with the car. It moves smoothly, dolls fit inside, doors open, trunk lid opens and can carry pets or travel accessories. It has sparkles and a pool in the back, ha. It fits their barbies perfectly and its a decent size so both can play with and enjoy creative play togethet. It features space to store a pair of shoes and a trendy top, both included. It is super cute and good quality.

Why We Like This:
  • Super sparkly paint job, fuzzy headrests, working seatbelts, and really cute accessories
  • Bright colors, great size and shapes
  • Looks cute, well made, great colors and fun accessories

Best For pretend Barbi trip: Barbie colorful vehicle

Barbie colorful vehicle
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Compared with other products by Barbie, the barbie colorful vehicle has a convenient design. The Seater Barbie vehicle sparks all kinds of storytelling adventures, from a road trip to a beach cruise or an off. It features a purple body, pink interior, silvery accents (like the grille and wheels) and tires that roll. There's room in the back for some little trinkets or Barbie pets. The wheels do make a small sound when on wood or laminate floors.

If your child collects barbies this is a great addition. It will hold 4 barbies with ease and they aren't too hard to get in and out. There are no batteries, but it doesn't make any sounds. The seater barbie vehicle sparks all kinds of storytelling adventures, from a road trip to a beach cruise or an off.

Why We Like This:
  • You can squish pets and little guests in too
  • Can be used with barbie or other dolls like rainbow high
  • Drives smoothly on a flat surface, not so much on carpet
  • You can fit multiple barbies inside

Best With Ken Dolls: Barbie Fiat Car

Barbie Fiat Car
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This car is so much better than the barbie sport car. It is ready to try new roads in a blue romper with fun print, white sneakers, tassel necklace and sunglasses. It will hold two barbies plus comes with the barbie as shown. It will not last long if given to a young child or any child that is rough on their toys.

This car works with Barbie and Ken dolls. The best feature of the car is the doors that open out. The side mirrors come off easy but otherwise it’s a cute car.

Why We Like This:
  • Nice little car for kids too play with
  • Includes barbie doll wearing fashion and accessories with fiat 500 car
  • Silvery and black accents add realistic touches

Best With roof: Barbie Dolls style

Barbie Dolls style
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The barbie dolls style's material feels more premium than its price would suggest. It is good for barbie dolls and car. It includes two barbie dolls wearing fashions and accessories, plus car. It has rolling wheels, an open roof and seats for two. It has a white dress with colorful pattern and teal shoes. A silvery grille, pink-tinted headlights, open roof and white seatbelts are fun add-ons any driver would love.

Why We Like This:
  • Good investment for long term
  • Good brand reputation

Best For money: Barbie FAB new Car

Barbie FAB new Car
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Barbie makes beautiful and great car with classic and smartly choosen materials. It's a perfect family car for the barbies. It comes with a pretty barbie who is dressed in matching hot pink pants, heels, and a one sleeve fiat shirt. The car has two large front seats perfect for barbie and a friend and has two seats in the back but there is only about 2 1/2" between the front seats and the back seats, so regular sized barbies will not fit in the backseats. It is a super hit for a great granddaughter who has a nice size barbie collection.

The car body and windshield are made of durable, hard plastic and the car lights are stickers that are covered in a hard plastic as well to protect them from falling off. The seats in the back are a bit smaller but they will fit one of Barbie's younger sisters, like Kelly. This isn't an electric toy, but it doesn't take any batteries.

Why We Like This:
  • Nice quality and barbie zooms all over
  • Very sturdy, would definitely recommend for any little girl in your life
  • Lot of satisfied buyers

Best For two Dolls: Barbie style Car

Barbie style Car
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Compared with other products by Barbie, the barbie style car has a convenient design. This is a great little barbie car that fits most dolls. It holds two barbies and even has seatbelts that you can strap around them. With its signature Barbie pink this one is a durable toy that will put a smile on a young girl's face. It is perfect for two dolls and games of two children. The car seat belts are wonderful in keeping the dolls seated, but can be a little hard for the little ones to buckle them up themselves.

This car is super cute and simple. It is great for any gift or for ultimate fun play. The seat belts are a nice feature but they make it hard to get the Barbies in and out. This item is well made for a plastic item and you don't have to put it together.

Why We Like This:
  • Make it hard to get the barbies in and out
  • Well packaged and was the perfect gift for a little girl who loves barbies
  • Great toy for a barbie lover
  • Fits two barbies and is pretty stylish

Best For both The Car: Barbie cool Car

Barbie cool Car
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It is easy to get barbie in and out of this car, which is a plus for little ones. It comes with a cute barbie that can sit fully in the car and room for one passenger. It is great value for both the car and a barbie together in one box. The plastic is thinner than they use to make the cars out of. It fits perfect inside the car.

The toy is well made and can stand being steered into walls & after cats. It is an exceptional value with the doll included.

Why We Like This:
  • Great gifts and rewards for kids
  • Lot of satisfied buyers