The 8 Best black smoke boxes (2023 reviews)

black smoke boxes
Are you planning to buy black smoke boxs, and are you confused about the options ? Your search ends here.

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Best Overall:
Buy: G Galiner black smoke Box

Best For on The ROAD And work truck:
Buy: sky High dream black smoke Box

Best For work:
Buy: IDEATECH black smoke Box

Best For Its value:
Buy: Ozchin black smoke Box

Best looking Box:
Buy: Bald Eagle black smoke Box

Best With popular Boveda brand control packs:
Buy: Vaultek black smoke Box

Best starter Box:
Buy: Flauno black smoke Box

Best value For money:
Buy: Woodronic black smoke Box

Best Overall: G Galiner black smoke Box

G Galiner black smoke Box
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We are personally inclined towards g galiner black smoke box, it is not so pricy, but it overachieves its purpose and outstanding in important aspects. It's a sharp-looking case. It is designed to keep certain humidity levels instead. It seals up nicely and holds the humidity. The instructions say to take the humidifier out and soak it in distilled water before use. It comes in a black velvetine bag inside a 2 piece black box.

The quality of this one is very nice but limited to 6 cigars. It is a very nice case, well built, cedar everywhere, removable trays and hydration element. It is easy to carry anywhere. The humidifier placement cuts off the size of cigars you can store on one side.

Why We Like This:
  • Well made, the cedar smells delightful
  • Nice and sturdy and elegant looking
  • Very good at keeping cigars fresh just a bit bulky
  • Very well packaged and a great presntation as a gift

Best For on The ROAD And work truck: sky High dream black smoke Box

sky High dream black smoke Box
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The sky high dream black smoke box is capable of outshining several other box featured in this list in overall features for the price point. If you don't like getting the butane taste from your lighter, this is for you. It measures approximately 8.25” length x 5.5” width x 4” height. The metal stick on the side is to clean gunk out your piece and stir up your flower if you pack it too tight. It includes a one hitter plus fits perfectly on the top. The pad lock allows you to create a personalized 3-digit combination so that only you will be able to get inside the storage box.

The design is much more attractive than other stash box options. There's also a super nice tray, and a rubber-ish tiny container to hold resin. It’s 100% smell proof.

Why We Like This:
  • , very portable, durable, and gift able
  • New and hot release

Best For work: IDEATECH black smoke Box

IDEATECH black smoke Box
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Not everyone likes to purchase box for their regular usage, but the ideatech black smoke box would be an anomoly. If you’re looking for travel friendly paraphernalia then this is perfect since it’ll include everything you need for partaking on the go. This bag is really nicely sized with plenty of pockets for storage. It has Advanced thickened carbon linings which will keep your stash items fresh, flavorful and secure. The bag won't completely seal the smell out if you just put flower inside so you should use the jar or little bags until you get glass to store your stuff in.

Keeps the smell away better, the design is sleeker, the compartments inside are well put together, and the grinder is very very nice as well. If you're looking for a smell proof case, this is the one.

Why We Like This:
  • Durable material, adjustable interior space, large and easy zipperscon
  • Keeps everything safe from wondering hands or eyes
  • Really good smell proof comes with the grinder

Best For Its value: Ozchin black smoke Box

Ozchin black smoke Box
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The ozchin black smoke box is suitable and reliable and fits well with your daily usage. This is the perfect stash box. It is definitely a starter kit or for someone that doesn't have a lot of stuff. It has everything you need included in the sealed locked case. The Lock is a simple 3 digit cimbination lock that you can set your own combination.

This is a solid box and snappers are for sure closed when you close them. It’s nice for a little traveler. This box is a great gift for a smoker as it has everything. This is a great stash box, and most of the items in the kit (grinder, jar, tool, steel tray) are very nice and well appreciated.

Why We Like This:
  • Perfect size and it came with a great grinder
  • Excellent quality stash box complete kit
  • Cool grinder, jar, and 2 tubes and the metal pick is nice
  • Smell proof and probably water proof as well

Best looking Box: Bald Eagle black smoke Box

Bald Eagle black smoke Box
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The bald eagle black smoke box is suitable and reliable and fits well with your daily purpose. This cigar box is made with premium kiln. It comes with a cigar hygrometer, dropper, humidifier and removable cedar divider, instructions. It has excellent aroma and moisture retention. The instructions say to be patient as it can take a few days to achieve the right humidity. It's crafted nicely, and designed well.

The type and quantity of cigars you place in the humidor affects the humidity greatly. It is perfect for it's intended purpose. This is such a simple yet effective way for the non-heavy smoker to have stogies on hand, fresh and perfect, for that occasion when a good cigar is called for.

Why We Like This:
  • Fresh and perfect, for that occasion when a good cigar is
  • Good size for a person that is not a smoker
  • Well made, beautiful gloss black finish, good seal
Vaultek black smoke Box
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The vaultek black smoke box is suitable and reliable and fits well with your regular usage. It is required to humidify the lifepod humidor. It holds 8 cigars and you can stack up to 15 cigars. It provides entry to unlock the lifepod and quick press to lock action when locking. It can be removed to store firearms up to 9.25" long. It comes with a secure built-in lock system.

The audible alarm in the lifepod can sound if there are any changes outside your ideal conditions. It features work flawlessly to add to that it is too big to carry around anyway.

Why We Like This:
  • Portable humidor with a secure built-in lock system
  • Beautifully made spanish cedar cigar tray
  • Integrating precision engineered safe technology and an anti-impact latch design
  • Biometric scanner, numeric keypad or backup manual keys

Best starter Box: Flauno black smoke Box

Flauno black smoke Box
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The flauno black smoke box's superior materials makes sure that it ages well with use. It comes with the usual wooden divider and plastic humidifier. It has a unique smell that causes cigars to taste better when smoking. The tight seal ensures you can store cigars for a long time. It has an adjustable wooden divider that gives you enough room for two options.

The black finish on this humidor delivers an elegant, rich appearance. It seals well with an under-lapping lip around the inside of the lid to create a better seal. There is a removable divider for the interior and this humidor can fit up to 30 cigars. There is a refillable humidity "stick" included which means you don't have to keep buying and replacing humidity packs every few months.

Why We Like This:
  • Extremely elegant and looks to be of high quality
  • Nice cigar humidor with window and gauge
  • Sleek matte black look with a contrasting silver hygrometer
  • Holds a decent amount of cigars

Best value For money: Woodronic black smoke Box

Woodronic black smoke Box
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Woodronic makes beautiful and medium price range box with classic and essential materials. The Woodronic humidor is a very nice accessory for the cigar aficionado. It will realistically hold about 30 medium sized cigars. The last 2 cigars have perfect moisture balance. It seals well, so it holds humidity well. The humidity reader that comes with it is quite accurate.

The Incredible lights, that only take a little while to charge and last over 4 hours, are the perfect brightness and makes finding cigars so easy. It is covered up very nicely with paint or furniture marker. The humidity holds steady without any major swings.

Why We Like This:
  • Holds the humidity perfectly great construction
  • Great gloss-like finish on top of the piano black
  • Slick looking and does its job
  • Surrounded by styrofoam and corner protectors