The 5 Best body washes For Poison Ivy (2023 reviews)

body washes for poison ivy
It is important to have the well suited body wash for poison ivy. In the following post, we will help you to select the best body wash for poison ivys.

Our review process:

Our Top Picks:

Best Overall:
Buy: Tecnu Extreme body Wash For Poison Ivy

Best For allergic reaction:
Buy: Poison Ivy Soap body Wash For Poison Ivy

Best For Poison Sumac:
Buy: Zanfel body Wash For Poison Ivy

Best Poison Ivy Lotion:
Buy: Humco body Wash For Poison Ivy

Best For previous generation:
Buy: Wildland body Wash For Poison Ivy

Best Overall: Tecnu Extreme body Wash For Poison Ivy

Tecnu Extreme body Wash For Poison Ivy
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Tecnu Extreme makes beautiful and outstanding wash with classic and higher-grade materials. Tecnu products allow you to wander confidently, knowing you have powerful protection and fast-acting itch relief at your fingertips. It is great as a medication, better as a preventative measure. This stuff works SO well for poison oak and bug bites. The exfoliation feels great and it really cuts down on the itching. It would ease the itching for a couple of hours after using.

The itching from poison ivy is unbearable and it doesn't disappear permanently after one treatment of anything. This product also removes the source of the itching to allow your body to begin its natural healing process unimpeded. It is best for any type of rash, itchy bite etc.

Why We Like This:
  • Dries up the oils and stops the itching
  • Alleviates the itching for many hours, and makes the next week bearable
  • Best product for immediate treatment of poison ivy
  • Requires water to kind of ‘lather up’ and definitely to rinse off

Best For allergic reaction: Poison Ivy Soap body Wash For Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy Soap body Wash For Poison Ivy
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The poison ivy soap body wash for poison ivy is specially designed for your daily usage and has all useful features. This is an essential soap for dealing with the post-ivy rash, along with removing the urushiol. The Poison Ivy/Oak Bar works well also, but this Jewelweed soap lathers so thick and provides a great protective coating that seals and prevents worsening skin rash. The soap literally pulls the oil out of your skin. It has some texture in it and provides some itch relief while using.

This soap actually removes the oils that cause inflammation. There is grit in the soap which feels wonderful on itchy skin. It does help to wash off any Urushiol. This bar lasts for a long time (when put back in the bag it comes in) Would highly recommend this product.

Why We Like This:
  • Soothes the itch and helps to dry
  • Itchiness is relieved and no flare ups occur
  • Affordable, removes allergy causing urushiol oil from skin, a great relief
  • Has a crisco-like unscented odor, not offensive

Best For Poison Sumac: Zanfel body Wash For Poison Ivy

Zanfel body Wash For Poison Ivy
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Best part: zanfel body wash for poison ivy costs comparatively low and it is available to ship in 24 hours. It is great to have when you live near the woods which is full of poison ivy. This cream is a miracle cream for poison ivy and sumac. It is a paste that has what feels like sea salt in it that helps with the itch while you use it to get rid of poison ivy. Even if the oil has caused a rash or even boils, Zanfel will remove the oil, relieve the itching and let you get back healing.

This works like magic to heal your poison ivy/oak. It does take the mosquito "venom" out of your skin but you have to use it within an hour or so of the bite. If you have poison ivy, this is worth every penny to get rid of it within a half hour. It is the first one to actually dry it out good and help it go away fast. Your loved ones will still have the rash for a week or two, but this makes it far more comfortable.

Why We Like This:
  • The best cure for poison ivy, oak and sumac
  • Works well and delivers what promises
  • Better than a mild liquid dish detergent

Best Poison Ivy Lotion: Humco body Wash For Poison Ivy

Humco body Wash For Poison Ivy
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Compared with other wash in this category, the humco body wash for poison ivy has a convenient design. Humco poison ivy wash cleanser provides fast acting relief. This unique 2-in-1 formula starts to work in seconds to remove Poison Ivy oils (urushiol) from the surface of the skin. It provides fast acting relief additionally it is what causes the irritating rash of poison ivy, oak, and sumac. It speeds up the drying process.

Why We Like This:
  • Good brand reputation
  • Good investment for long term

Best For previous generation: Wildland body Wash For Poison Ivy

Wildland body Wash For Poison Ivy
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Not everyone likes to purchase wash for their daily purpose, but the wildland body wash for poison ivy would be an anomoly. It is premium utility skincare made for mountain bikers, trail runners, kayakers, hikers, climbers and anyone who would rather be standing under the open sky. It has a great formula and exfoliation to help eliminate the poison oil from the 4 types of poison ivy plants. It clears the poison oak oil away from the skin. It smells so good and leaves skin soft.

This cleanser lathers very easily, and is fairly gentle to the skin. It is used directly on the skin after exposure to urushiol. The wash removes stubborn oil exposures that cause itchyness, rash and blisters to give you instant relief. It is very lightweight so it is easy to carry with you on hikes, camping trips, bike rides or anywhere on the trail.

Why We Like This:
  • Amazing wash that also helps poison ivy
  • 100 natural poison oak, ivy and sumac rash prevention
  • Easy to use, easy on the environment
  • Very helpful, the best against poison ivy