The 6 Best Disinfectant Sanitizing Sprays (2023 reviews)

disinfectant sanitizing sprays
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Best Overall:
Buy: Lysol Disinfectant Sanitizing Spray

Best For couches:
Buy: Lysol Disinfecting Spray

Best For travel:
Buy: microban Disinfectant Sanitizing Spray

Best For stains:
Buy: Clorox Disinfectant Sanitizing Spray

Best For Gym equipment:
Buy: Seventh generation Disinfecting Spray

Best With cap:
Buy: Seventh generation Disinfectant Sanitizing Spray

Best Overall: Lysol Disinfectant Sanitizing Spray

Lysol Disinfectant Sanitizing Spray
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Lysol has been making great spray for years, thanks to a combination of clever design and high-end materials. This one is supposedly specially formulated for furniture, but it does hang in the air like fog. It keeps your linens smelling nice and dust mite free for all of you fellow allergy-havers. This disinfecting spray eliminates 999 of germs and odor causing bacteria, helping stop the spread of illness. Like regular lysol this is perfect for hard service furniture and put it up in the air.

This is a fabulous fabric spray. When it’s used with laundry sanitizer you can keep your home fresh and fairly clean. The scent is a bit strong. This really helps eliminate dog smell between washes.

Why We Like This:
  • Nice broad spray coverage and smells really good
  • Lots of fabric furniture, rugs, etc that can't always be washed regularly
  • Kills the germs and bacteria that cause bad odor in all fabrics
  • Confident and happy smell is refreshing and no need to keep washing

Best For couches: Lysol Disinfecting Spray

Lysol Disinfecting Spray
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Compared with other spray in this category, the lysol disinfecting spray has a convenient design. You can use this disinfecting spray on soft surfaces, like couches, coats, sports bags, strollers and backpacks. It smells fresh & fragrant but not so strong it chokes you. The smell does linger after the item has dried. It has that disinfectant smell at first but not as strong as regular lysol. There is no need to open it, just spray and go. The fragrance really lingerssssssssssssssssssssss and it can become rather unpleasant over time.

Why We Like This:
  • Great lysol disinfectant with a pleasant smell
  • Great scent that freshens the entire room
  • Too large for travel and airplane weight limitations

Best For travel: microban Disinfectant Sanitizing Spray

microban Disinfectant Sanitizing Spray
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If you often find yourself scrambling for convenient and suitable spray, microban disinfectant sanitizing spray is your end point. This lemony-fresh disinfectant spray is as good as the office offers. It works very well and makes things sparkly clean and fresh. It keeps killing 99.9 % of bacteria * * for up to 24 hours, even after multiple touches *, to support a clean and healthy home. It works as a disinfectant. It works well for odors and it is great for removing shoe odour.

It can be used as directed **effective against s. aureus & e. aerogenes +effective against bacteria and viruses (influenza h1n1, respiratory syncytial virus (rsv), and human coronavirus) ++effective against aspergillus niger. This is to spray on clean surfaces or objects to keep the surface from holding germs on them to be spread.

Why We Like This:
  • Good coverage mild odor, not overpowering
  • Very easy to just spray doorknob rather than using wipes
  • Good brand reputation

Best For stains: Clorox Disinfectant Sanitizing Spray

Clorox Disinfectant Sanitizing Spray
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The clorox disinfectant sanitizing spray's high-end materials makes sure that it ages well with use. This product is perfect, just enough spray/mist, and the smell doesn’t knock you out. Not only does it smell amazing, it sprays a fine mist easily. It is great for things that can get sanitized like couch and pillows. It is great for spot-sanitizing soft surfaces like bedding when used as directed.

This has a lemon and orange blossom scent that smells so good when cleaning. The spray comes out very finely and is perfect for coating large surfaces such as countertops, chairs, toys, and so forth. This stuff kills germs and leaves a fresh smell. The sprayer is cool, it mists for about 3 seconds and it’s a heavier mist.

Why We Like This:
  • Great cleaning product for kitchen and baths
  • Fresh citrus, no hospital or floral scent
  • Sprays easily and dries in 5-10 minutes

Best For Gym equipment: Seventh generation Disinfecting Spray

Seventh generation Disinfecting Spray
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We know from years of feedback from readers, customers and amazon sellers, what most people want in a convenient and appropriate spray. The seventh generation disinfecting spray is exactly that - it's a simple spray that hits all the right notes. If you're used to the scent of tea tree oil, it smells really nice. This spray is elegant looking in this sleek bottle that is using compressed air to extract it and you twist the cap to open the nozzle. It also kills cold and flu viruses and there is no rinsing required after spraying,even when using it on kitchen counters or sinks. It has no lasting pollution effect and can be used safely around even food bearing surfaces in the home.

The thyme scent is stronger than the lavender or the vanilla, so if you are expecting a strong scent from either of those, as you probably would based on its name, you might be disappointed. It dispenses easily via aerosol, so there's no need to pump and pump.

Why We Like This:
  • Great to disinfect and smell lingers
  • Strong herbal scent but it beats chemical odor
  • Easy to use, dries quickly, and doesn't stain
  • Smells overpoweringly like thyme, not enough vanilla or lavender scent

Best With cap: Seventh generation Disinfectant Sanitizing Spray

Seventh generation Disinfectant Sanitizing Spray
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If you are searching for a satisfactory spray for your daily usage, you cannot go wrong with the seventh generation disinfectant sanitizing spray. Seventh Generation disinfectant spray kills 99.99% of household germs, botanically. It has a very medicinal, almost Lysol smell. The product sprays as expected and while there's a fairly strong medicinal odor at first, this fades shortly after application. The button to dispense the cleaner has a slide guard to prevent accidental presses. It can be used on a hard, non-porous surface. The can is a little bit heavy to carry around.

The Seventh Generation disinfectant spray 5/5Smells are great with a refreshing mint scent. It has a strong and easy to spray nozzle.

Why We Like This:
  • Good to have a disinfectant with not a lot of bad chemicals
  • Delivers what they promise