The 8 Best Fortnite Headsets (2023 reviews)

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Are you planning to buy fortnite headsets, and are you confused about the options ? Your search ends here.

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Best Overall:
Buy: Turtle Beach Fortnite Headset

Best For Most FPS Games:
Buy: ZIUMIER Fortnite Headset

Best With sidetone:
Buy: Turtle Beach Gaming Headset

Best For Price:
Buy: Bengoo Great Gaming Headset

Best For Zoom classroom:
Buy: PHOINIKAS Fortnite Headset

Best With X Box:
Buy: Bengoo Fortnite Headset

Best With LED Light:
Buy: DIWUER Fortnite Headset

Best For teenagers:
Buy: SVYHUOK Fortnite Headset

Best Overall: Turtle Beach Fortnite Headset

Turtle Beach Fortnite Headset
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If you want nothing short of the best possible headset for your daily usage, this turtle beach fortnite headset is certainly a right investment. The Recon 70 headset is compatible with both the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite. It fits well and feels great & the acoustics are exceptional. They are comfortable to wear, adjustable like most headphones, and the over ear speakers pivot to accommodate different head shapes. It's perfect for those who want the quality yet not the commitment especially if their children are using them.

The adapter splits stereo sound and mic so that you can plug them into the appropriate ports without causing a short. They are really comfortable and you can wear them all day without your ears getting uncomfortable. It’s good quality and you will love the color.

Why We Like This:
  • Really decent gaming headset that works on most platforms and won’t break your wallet
  • Amazing quality and comfortable af to wear for long periods
  • Very comfortable, superb sound, and no batteries to charge

Best For Most FPS Games: ZIUMIER Fortnite Headset

ZIUMIER Fortnite Headset
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Not everyone likes to purchase headset for their daily usage, but the ziumier fortnite headset would be an anomoly. It's a good headset with good sound quality. It comes with 50mm drivers that deliver superior audio performance, the Ziumier ps4 headset can generate a virtual surround sound experience to create distance and depth that enhances any gaming, movie or music experience. It makes a quiet buzzing noise that pulses on and off. It has an audio jack and USB connection, so you can use it on a console controller or a computer.

The sound quality is fantastic, they cancel out noise very well and the mic works great for chatting with friends. These are comfortable, have great sound quality, and feel very durable. The ear muffs are very comfortable too, so you do not mind wearing these for a fairly lengthy gaming session.

Why We Like This:
  • Comes with a splitter for pc, audio and mic
  • Great sound, excellent mic pickup and filters out outside noise
  • Easy volume control and mic on/off with switch
  • Cute, affordable, and great noise cancelling headphones for new gamers

Best With sidetone: Turtle Beach Gaming Headset

Turtle Beach Gaming Headset
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The turtle beach gaming headset is specially designed for your regular usage and has all useful features. This is absolutely amazing for a gaming headset. It is perfect for using with xbox series x, xbox series s & xbox one, as well as with ps5, ps4 & ps4 pro, nintendo switch and pc & mobile devices with 3.5mm connection. The mic is clear and loud, without being overly sensitive (and the windscreen performs very well), and connects/disconnects easily. The ear pads are padded and comfortable around the ears during extended play sessions.

The in-line volume and mic mute switch is easy and accessible. It is nice and comfortable and the mic sounds decent. It is more comfortable to wear for an extended time (more padding, especially on the headband portion), and they also have a better overall sound quality, and a few more enhanced gaming features. The mic quality is very solid.

Why We Like This:
  • Perfect for xbox one and other compatible consoles
  • Keeps the peace between the gamer and the family
  • Good sound quality and it sounds smooth when you talk

Best For Price: Bengoo Great Gaming Headset

Bengoo Great Gaming Headset
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Next on the list, we've got yet another headset that manages to win our hearts. It's the bengoo great gaming headset and it's widely considered as one of the best convenient headset you can buy. The cable manufacturing is perfect, braided material rather than bare rubber. It reduces the chance of the cable getting tangled up. The mids and the highs are quite crisp and game chat comes through nice and clear. It also fits kids and adults.

The cord is nice and long and has an outer covering of nice, thick, flexible, no-tangle braided cloth. These are designed pretty well, look great, has blue lighting and fits perfect over the ear. The cord is extremely long which is an added perk. It is definitely a great gaming headset, cancels out all the noise.

Why We Like This:
  • Amazing audio quality and the noise cancellation is just perfect
  • Great for gaming and good sound quality with lots of bass
  • Great for budget gaming and well built
  • Has easy volume control on the cord for quick muting

Best For Zoom classroom: PHOINIKAS Fortnite Headset

PHOINIKAS Fortnite Headset
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The phoinikas fortnite headset is suitable and reliable and fits well with your regular usage. The Headset integrated onmi-directional microphone can transmit high quality communication with its premium noise-concellng feature, can pick up sounds with great sensitivity and remove the noise, which enables you to clearly deliver or receive messages while you are in a game. They can enhance the sound insulation effect, reduce hearing impairment and heat sweat, and keep your head and ears in a comfortable state at all times.

The microphone works perfectly fine and you don’t have to speak loud for your voice to go through. This headset does not have a mute button, if you are using a computer you can choose not to output to the microphone. These are as comfortable as feathers, breathe freely, and are ergonomic. The sound quality is good, and the microphone works really well during gaming as well as conference calls. It is perfect for xbox controllers and for tablets for e-learning.

Why We Like This:
  • Onboard controls for mute or volume
  • Sound quality is great, clear, and not too loud
  • Mic is clear sound is clear
  • Affordable decent build sound quality is pretty decent

Best With X Box: Bengoo Fortnite Headset

Bengoo Fortnite Headset
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Bengoo has been making great headset for years, thanks to a combination of clever design and appropriate materials. If you’re looking for a headset that will withstand the occasional celebratory crash to the floor when you pull off a clutch win, look no further. It has very good noise cancelling, extremely good gaming sound, especially for games like rainbow six siege where you essentially need to hear your enemies. The mic quality is also clear and crisp so your teammates will have no trouble hearing you clearly in voice chat. The other wire also hooks up to the controller to light up the lights on headphones.

This headphone is comfortable and the sound quality is excellent. It has a long cord that you can make shorter with a velcro strap. The sound quality is excellent and the microphone quality transmits clearly.

Why We Like This:
  • Very good quality and extremely durable and reliable
  • Foam paddings are also really soft
  • Not too tight, perfect for headache-prone users
  • Easy to use and is noise canceling

Best With LED Light: DIWUER Fortnite Headset

DIWUER Fortnite Headset
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Next on the list, we've got yet another headset that manages to win our hearts. It's the diwuer fortnite headset and it's widely considered as headset that has the most suitable features. This is a good headset, especially for younger children, 6- to 6-years. It works on laptops, ps4, and switch. It comes with responsive audio drivers, so you can better see the direction from which the sound comes from, like fire, enemy steps. The wire is surprisingly durable, and it's braided. The microphone picks up noises very well so make sure you’re in a quiet room.

The sound is clear and the microphone picks up well without alot of background noise.

Why We Like This:
  • High sound quality headphone for singing
  • Sound quality is good and easy to use
  • Good investment for long term

Best For teenagers: SVYHUOK Fortnite Headset

SVYHUOK Fortnite Headset
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Svyhuok offers a variety of headset for personal choice and yet maintaining quality in all the variants. The Gm-1 headset, which is a definitive headset for gamers seeking amazing game sound, you can pick out footsteps easier and pinpoint enemies’ location more quickly. They adjust to the size of their various head sizes and adjust to the size of their various head sizes. It works well. The audio is great and the microphone is extremely responsive. It is suitable for children and teenagers. The lights look very nice as well. I use these for online teaching, and they are perfect.

Why We Like This:
  • Sound quality is solid for the most part
  • Great stocking stuffer for tech-enthused kids
  • Loud bass that sounds like a movie theater