The 10 Best Kitchen Glass Cleaners (2023 reviews)

kitchen glass cleaners
We consider a kitchen glass cleaner to be a worthy investment in the long run. We are here to help you choose the right one for your needs from all the best available products in market today.

Our review process:

Our Top Picks:

Best Overall:
Buy: Bar Keepers Friend Kitchen Glass Cleaner

Best For Oven burners:
Buy: Affresh Cooktop Cleaning kit

Best For dishwasher:
Buy: Weiman Top Cleaner

Best For Any model:
Buy: Affresh Kitchen Glass Cleaner

Best For general purpose Grease removal:
Buy: Easy Off Kitchen Glass Cleaner

Best For stoves:
Buy: Weiman Kitchen Glass Cleaner

Best For removing The Really sticky labels:
Buy: Magic Kitchen Glass Cleaner

Best For Granite:
Buy: hopes Kitchen Glass Cleaner

Best For Cleaning induction glasss Top:
Buy: Bosch Kitchen Glass Cleaner

Best For Stove Top Cleaning:
Buy: easyoff Kitchen Glass Cleaner

Best Overall: Bar Keepers Friend Kitchen Glass Cleaner

Bar Keepers Friend Kitchen Glass Cleaner
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The bar keepers friend kitchen glass cleaner's material feels more premium than its price would suggest. It will shine your stainless steel appliances and glass top stove. It cleans the glass cooktop great. It cleans the mess they leave. It cleans well and gives a good shine to the cooktop. It works very well on the glass cooktop and on the bottoms of neglected cookware, so it's worth trying on the oven as well.

This is really easy to use and adds to your glass top range easily. It cleans up easier from the glass surface.

Why We Like This:
  • Works great on glass shower doors
  • Works well on glass top stove
  • Fantastic for cleaning many different surfaces
  • Easily removes grease and cooked on stains

Best For Oven burners: Affresh Cooktop Cleaning kit

Affresh Cooktop Cleaning kit
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Next on the list, we've got yet another cleaner that manages to win our hearts. It's the affresh cooktop cleaning kit and it's widely considered as one of the best convenient cleaner you can buy. It's easy to have a clean stovetop. It is an ultra-fine abrasive in liquid form (kind of like softscrub) that acts like a polishing agent. The metal razorblade scraper works well to clean grime off a Whirlpool cooktop. It will remove some grease but takes a lot of effort.

What it is is a liquid polish that when used with a no scratch scrubby takes it off the mess. The cleaner will help polish it to a mirror shine. It comes with a 5oz bottle of cook top cleaner, 5 cleaning pads & 1 scraper. The clean and the shine are just wonderful.

Why We Like This:
  • Great set for glass cook top
  • Easy to use product and takes the toughest of stains of the glass top
  • Best product for your ceramic top stoves
  • Easy to use in 5 minutes, even a set on stain

Best For dishwasher: Weiman Top Cleaner

Weiman Top Cleaner
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The weiman top cleaner's high-end materials makes sure that it ages well with use. The Weiman stovetop cleaner cleans, shines, deodorizes, disinfects and protects all stovetops and ranges with Weiman Disinfectant Cook Top Daily Cleaner Spray. It cleans and shines surfaces so they look new. The cooktop cleaner is reasonably effective for quick clean-up, but won't get heavier deposits. It cleans up any mess left behind.

The stove-top glass cleaner does an amazing job as well. It doesn't have a strong odor, but smells like a cross between Windex and men's cologne. This works so well, but does a great job on grease.

Why We Like This:
  • Allowing you to achieve the perfect results that your home deserves
  • Best for glass tops and great for stainless steel appl
  • A must have for flat stoves

Best For Any model: Affresh Kitchen Glass Cleaner

Affresh Kitchen Glass Cleaner
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If you often find yourself confused about convenient and suitable cleaner, affresh kitchen glass cleaner should be your first option for buying. This product is recommended in the user manual for safe cleaning, and it is Fantastic. It cleans grease effectively and also it is best for burnt on messes. It is great cleaner for ceramic cooktop. It comes off with a damp cloth without leaving residue and streaks. It will come off with work or moisture. It is easy to use and incredibly effective, leaving the cooktop sparkling clean.

Why We Like This:
  • Almost no streaks and the streaks left are easy to wipe off
  • Easy to use, makes the stove top shine
  • Great product to use on smoothtop stoves
  • Cuts through the grease and lets stove top sparkle

Best For general purpose Grease removal: Easy Off Kitchen Glass Cleaner

Easy Off Kitchen Glass Cleaner
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Compared with other cleaner in this category, the easy off kitchen glass cleaner has a convenient design. The Easy Off Kitchen Degreaser Cleaner is specifically formulated to use on hard non-porous surfaces such as stove top, kitchen counter, cabinets and many more things. It is great for glass cooktops but works well to clean down counters. This product is gentle to your skin if it has contact with it unlike the other which is a plus. It works if you need to clean "fresh" grease, say, off of a range hood or stove. It is easy to use and can clear the oil dirty easier.

This stuff sprays on wait for about 10 minutes and boom wipes right off without having to over scrub or any of that. It is perfect for almost all Kitchen surfaces. If you are the kind that cleans your over often, this will probably work for you.

Why We Like This:
  • Excellent cleaner for caked on grease
  • Product works for cleaning tough grease
  • Worked well on grease spots in microwave

Best For stoves: Weiman Kitchen Glass Cleaner

Weiman Kitchen Glass Cleaner
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We would, of course, be remiss if we didn't mention weiman kitchen glass cleaner for regular usage. This product is specially formulated to clean, shine and protect glass and ceramic smooth top ranges, countertops and all stove top surfaces. It protects glass/ceramic/induction smooth top ranges. It comes with a multi-action scrubbing pad. This product can be used on the inside glass of your range. It works well for burnt food particles.

This polish here is used to give it that professional out the box polish you would see on TV commercials. It smells like a gym bag. It is great for sinks as well as stoves. The cooktop is definitely shinier and cleaner.

Why We Like This:
  • Takes a lot of elbow grease
  • Works very well on glass top surfaces
  • Great glass top stove cleaner that polishes over time
  • Super easy to get burned on food and water removed

Best For removing The Really sticky labels: Magic Kitchen Glass Cleaner

Magic Kitchen Glass Cleaner
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The magic kitchen glass cleaner's high-end materials makes sure that it ages well with use. This magic cleaner is really magic. It cleans the glass ceramic stovetop like a charm. It is good at making any glass, ceramic, porcelain, or basically anything shiny, brilliantly shiny and streak free. The burnt food dissolves, you let this dry and then remove it like car wax.

The Magic cooktop cleaner cleans up the mess and now keeps the cooktop looking great with minimal work. It also works for removing the really sticky labels on products. It is rinced off, it doesn't smell at all. Magic offers multiple ways to keep your kitchen spotless.

Why We Like This:
  • Shines black glass top stove nicely
  • More excuses for nagging or distracting from favorite tv show
  • Takes care of the finger prints nicely and doesn't streak
  • Helps the glass to look flawless

Best For Granite: hopes Kitchen Glass Cleaner

hopes Kitchen Glass Cleaner
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Not everyone likes to purchase cleaner for their regular usage, but the hopes kitchen glass cleaner would be an anomoly. If you have an cast iron sink this cleans very well. It’s made by metal pots on the surface. It cleans porcelain sink well and leaves a coating that protects it from further stains. It has a pleasant scent, but is pretty thin. It cleans beautifully and is absolutely water repellent, really amazing.

It’s perfect for brushed stainless steel, cast iron (porcelain), Corian® (solid surface), composite, acrylic, and vitreous china. The water beads on the sink surface and it kinda has a mirror finish after using this product. It is a must have for the serious cleaning.

Why We Like This:
  • Removes metal marks from pots, and the surface shines like new
  • Provides a nice, almost new sink appearance
  • Cleans way more than stainless steel
  • Works with ease and great results

Best For Cleaning induction glasss Top: Bosch Kitchen Glass Cleaner

Bosch Kitchen Glass Cleaner
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The bosch kitchen glass cleaner gives the top-tier cleaner a run for their money by offering flagship specs at a much more affordable price. This cleaner actually gets rid of that crud WITHOUT SCRATCHING OR DAMAGING THE COOKTOP. It is a paste in a jar that you apply and take off with a cloth. It cleans like a dream and also cleans the stubborn spots. It is a bit more work than spray but works perfectly, and two jars may last a lifetime.

This is more like a cleaner to remove stains and food residue. It is easy to use, keeps the stove top very clean and shiny. Those cloths work well and clean up in the washing machine.

Why We Like This:
  • Cleans, degreases, conditions and removes dried-on food
  • Works great on cooked on food
  • One of the new comers and featured product

Best For Stove Top Cleaning: easyoff Kitchen Glass Cleaner

easyoff Kitchen Glass Cleaner
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The easyoff kitchen glass cleaner's superior materials makes sure that it ages well with use. The Easy-Off cleaner solution is pretty mild for cleaning your glass tops. It protects cooktop surfaces, and no scrubbing tools are needed. It comes out shiny and spotless.

The heavy duty cooktop cleaner has a cooktop grease guard to make for an easier clean. It does have a strong odor, but not any worse than other oven/stove cleaners. There is no abrasives in this solution so it won't remove the set of stains on the glass top.

Why We Like This:
  • Works as a cleaning solution but isn't heavy duty
  • Really helps get caked up grease and burnt on food cleaned off nicely
  • Great for when you’re wanting to do a deeper clean