The 8 Best large Soap powders (2023 reviews)

large soap powders
Are you planning to buy large soap powders, and are you confused about the options ? Your search ends here.

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Best Overall:
Buy: charlies Soap Water treatment

Best For garden:
Buy: Earthborn elements large Soap Powder

Best With enzyme:
Buy: Purex large Soap Powder

Best For Front loader:
Buy: Mollys Suds large Soap Powder

Best For plant:
Buy: Rockin' Green large Soap Powder

Best With No harsh chemicals:
Buy: Mollys Suds Laundry Powder

Best For eczema:
Buy: Biokleen large Soap Powder

Best For food:
Buy: charlies Soap large Soap Powder

Best Overall: charlies Soap Water treatment

charlies Soap Water treatment
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The charlies soap water treatment is specially designed for your daily purpose and has plenty of most useful features. Charlie's Soap Laundry Booster and Hard Water Treatment works by exchanging the hard water buildup (Calcium and Magnesium) in exchange for sodium, that is readily rinseable in the rinse cycle of the laundry. It controls minerals in your wash water with just 1/2 tablespoon per load. It is booster formulated to aid in the removal of problem minerals from your water such as calcium, helping rid odors and stains from clothes, leaving them fresh and clean. The booster works better for hard water with clothes.

Rinses completely from fabric, leaving behind no residue on your clothes that can irritate sensitive skin. It doesnt leave any residue and clothes come out clean and fresh. This is a great addition to use with Charlie's soap, especially if you have hard water. It's environmentally friendly, suitable for all types of washers, and made in the USA.

Why We Like This:
  • Cloths come out cleaner and brighter
  • Perfect for homes with hard water
  • Works for a better clean in hard water
  • Very nice, clothes are more clean and use less detergent

Best For garden: Earthborn elements large Soap Powder

Earthborn elements large Soap Powder
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Not everyone likes to purchase powder for their daily usage, but the earthborn elements large soap powder would be an anomoly. This is a well thought out package for the Borax. It really is a good old fashion method for addressing smelly garments. The Borax boosts the cleaning power of detergent and helps to sanitize. This one has a salt like consistency where the store Borax is more of a powder. It is great for spots in towels and sheets.

The Borax has no distinctive scent, but freshens completely everything you use it on to clean. This is for laundry and making slime. There are many other uses as well especially cleaning purposes. They would be the best ones to guide you on the right path in what to use.

Why We Like This:
  • Boosts detergent efficiency, and destroys black mold
  • Works great for removing water and moisture
  • Good brand reputation

Best With enzyme: Purex large Soap Powder

Purex large Soap Powder
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We would, of course, be remiss if we didn't mention purex large soap powder for regular usage. It is perfect for momma who hates shopping in stores. It cleans well, dissolves in all temps. It is used to replace them that are eco-friendly. All whites, colors, dog towels, delicates, etc get washed using this multi-purpose soap. It is perfect for everyday use. The clothes are clean and smell wonderful. It is perfect as it is not too strong or too light. This keeps them freshly laundered and without much wear-and. It is ideal for everyday use.

Why We Like This:
  • Great soap dont need a lot when washing
  • Multipurpose meaning multi stains dirt grime whatever things like that
  • Lot of satisfied buyers

Best For Front loader: Mollys Suds large Soap Powder

Mollys Suds large Soap Powder
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If you are looking for a suitable powder for your regular usage, you cannot go wrong with the mollys suds large soap powder. The Mollyâs Suds Laundry Powder is safe and ideal for your clothes and your family. It is capable of deep cleaning 240 loads of laundry. It is suitable for cool cycles, you can dissolve your scoop of original laundry powder or super powder, first, in a cup of extremely warm water before pouring the solution into the drum of your washing machine. It cleans & smells wonderful to add to that it is easy to pack a bag full of bags full of laundry. The clothes will be clean and odorless, and works great for portable washer dry combos.

The entire laundry smells amazing, clothes are super soft, clean. It doesn’t leave a super strong smell on your clothes which is nice.

Why We Like This:
  • Simple easy to use without added chemicals/scents
  • Add your own essential oil, great for sensitives
  • Works great in all water temperatures and hard water, and is septic

Best For plant: Rockin' Green large Soap Powder

Rockin' Green large Soap Powder
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Next on the list, we've got yet another powder that manages to win our hearts. It's the rockin' green large soap powder and it's widely considered as powder that has the most suitable features. This detergent does a wonderful job eliminating odors on laundry. It takes up less space in your washroom, works great and no harmful chemicals for your family. It’s great for colored cloths. It has a super concentrated formula so you only need 1 tablespoon per load. Your final rinse should be bubble free and crystal clear, if you notice bubbles or cloudiness and continue to rinse until you have a clean rinse cycle.

It’s super effective for a natural detergent. It is good for those with allergies or sensitive skin.

Why We Like This:
  • Clean, smell-free clothes with no perfume
  • Works on teenage boy gym clothes, it'll work on anything
  • Space-saving and earth friendly detergent works well

Best With No harsh chemicals: Mollys Suds Laundry Powder

Mollys Suds Laundry Powder
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The mollys suds laundry powder is satisfactory and appropriate and fits well with your daily usage. There are so few non-toxic products that are not overloaded with harsh chemicals and too much fragrance. It is designed to clean without the traditional ingredients. It comes with a scoop and is in a resealable bag. This takes out blood, deodorant, mud, etc. It is hard to clean the stains like milk stains. It is ideal for those with sensitive skin.

Love this product, the scent is gentle, it cleans very well. The powder does have a slight peppermint smell in the bag.

Why We Like This:
  • Non-toxic detergent with a slight whiff of peppermint freshness
  • Delivers what they promise

Best For eczema: Biokleen large Soap Powder

Biokleen large Soap Powder
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For a low asking price, biokleen large soap powder has managed to overwhelm their customers by packing as many features as they could. It is a no-nonsense, functional, affordable produce for cleaning most clothing. Aside from all the healthier aspects, it really does get your clothes clean and dissolves well in the washer. The Biokleen is low suds, rinses very clean with no residue, and smells fresh with no added perfumes.

This laundry detergent works well with no white residue left behind on washed clothing. There is zero scent on the citrus stuff. The scented works just as well, and the scent is light enough that it doesn’t stay on clothes. It is free of fragrance and clear of dyes, phosphate & chlorine free and safe for high-efficiency washers. This powder cleans stains and odors well and leaves just a natural “alkaline” smell when wet clothing.

Why We Like This:
  • Fast dissolving and the aroma is pleasant
  • Super high quality detergent for all water temperatures, easy on environment
  • Great for cloth diapers and towels

Best For food: charlies Soap large Soap Powder

charlies Soap large Soap Powder
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Next on the list, we've got yet another powder that manages to win our hearts. It's the charlies soap large soap powder and it's widely considered as powder that has the most suitable features. Repeated washing with many detergents can leave residues in both your washer and your wash that can irritate sensitive skin. Charlie’s soap is a soothing, safe, effective and biodegradable detergent that leaves nothing but the sweet smell of clean between your clothes and your skin. The Concentrated laundry powder works on all your laundry, from high-tech fabrics to delicates, washing away smells, stains, and left-behind residue from previous detergents.

It deep cleans your laundry for only pennies per wash (one tablespoon per large load), as it removes residues from your previous detergent. The eco-friendly formula helps remove fats, oils, greases, and odors from sewer lines, saving your town money and water. It is ideal for those with sensitive skin and will not mask stains or odors with artificial brighteners or perfumes.

Why We Like This:
  • Improves high-tech fabrics and is safe to use on any washable fabric
  • Works on a wide variety of soils
  • Surpasses minimum standards for protecting mother earth
  • Rinses completely, leaving nothing behind but the sweet smell of clean