The 9 Best loop extenders (2023 reviews)

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Best Overall:
Buy: Eopocdor loop extender

Best For MEDICAL staff:
Buy: Huaxu loop extender

Best For regular Masks with ear loops:
Buy: Okupan loop extender

Best For all Masks:
Buy: Agelvren loop extender

Best with disposable Mask:
Buy: MIAODAM loop extender

Best For adults:
Buy: Jsacemxi loop extender

Best For around The ear Masks:
Buy: Cooklaza loop extender

Best For any sizes:
Buy: CUEHEAT loop extender

Best For people:
Buy: Dr Jeffs Auntic loop extender

Best Overall: Eopocdor loop extender

Eopocdor loop extender
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The eopocdor loop extender is capable of outshining several other extender featured in this list in overall features. This headband is made of durable flexible material that can be repeatedly washed without bending abrasion curling, shedding or other types of degradation. It can be difficult to use with thicker ear loops on cotton masks. Since the product has hooks on the end of the strap, it is easy to move from mask to mask. It's adjustable and the piece where the mask strap attaches to is plastic.

This is a good choice for reducing ear chafing on smaller folks. It will work on any masks that have ear loops, including n95 and kn95 masks. These are great quality and prevent sore ears and headaches from wearing masks for extended periods of time.

Why We Like This:
  • Great mask accessory for those with large craniums
  • You can slide pretty much any face mask strap into then hooks
  • Makes the kn95 mask so much more comfortable

Best For MEDICAL staff: Huaxu loop extender

Huaxu loop extender
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The huaxu loop extender is the best reliable extender on the market today. It fits comfortable with masks with big ear loops. The use of anti-shedding design on both ends of the mask allows you to do anything at ease. It can be placed around the back of the head or pushed up higher on the head. The retaining clips are made of plastic so they are only so durable though.

These extenders fit both paper and cloth masks, holding the mask in place for a snug, safe fit. They work great and save the ears. It is great for frequent mask wearers. It is easy to clean, and no slipping or snapping off of the loops.

Why We Like This:
  • Strap is elastic and the connectors are metal
  • You can hang the ropes on the buckle
  • Adjustable, very well made and easy to use and stretches
  • Hooks kind of small for fabric masks

Best For regular Masks with ear loops: Okupan loop extender

Okupan loop extender
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The okupan loop extender should be able to handle its purpose and duties with ease. If you are looking for an ear loop extender that works, takes all the pressure off your ears, and is comfortable, this is it. It is easy to wear with kn95 masks for extended periods of time. These straps easily connect to any mask with straps or ear loops. It is comfortable to wear, and because you can control the nose pinch, glasses don’t fog.

These are stretchy enough to put your mask on over your hair but sturdy to hold it back in place so the mask is secure on your face. It is easy to use and make wearing a mask extremely more comfortable. It comes with high quality elastic material, the face mask holder behind the head can withstand thousand times of taking off and wearing without getting loose.

Why We Like This:
  • Much easier to wear mask for longer periods of time
  • Easy to clip on, and the loops will never fall out of the clips
  • Good way to secure your mask

Best For all Masks: Agelvren loop extender

Agelvren loop extender
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Best part: agelvren loop extender costs comparatively low and it is available to ship in 24 hours. These are made for people with large necks and heads. They work great, strong enough to last all day, easily adjustable, and comfortable. It is really nice to have the adjustability, too. These straps hold extremely well, are flexible and have plenty of stretch. They are adjustable so they fit any size head.

The package is reasonable priced and contains enough to share with family/friends. They are easy to use also.

Why We Like This:
  • Does not tangle or pull on your hair when worn on head
  • Helps reduce ear pain caused by short straps on k95 masks
  • Lot of satisfied buyers

Best with disposable Mask: MIAODAM loop extender

MIAODAM loop extender
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The miaodam loop extender's superior materials makes sure that it ages well with use. These ear saver brackets are perfect. They are flexible and the mask hooks really hold the mask very well. It is great with the disposable mask. It is suitable for both adults and kids, comfortable, non-silp, and no toxic.

These are easy to use and prevents mask ear loops from interfering with hearing aids or glasses. The plastic they are made from make them durable and sturdy. These don't just work for extending but also for making a mask tighter if needed. It is perfect for keeping those loops off your ears.

Why We Like This:
  • Works well for small elastic, but not with wider cloth straps
  • Made of a silicone trpyenof material
  • Works well to keep the straps off your ears

Best For adults: Jsacemxi loop extender

Jsacemxi loop extender
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Not everyone likes to purchase extender for their daily usage, but the jsacemxi loop extender would be an anomoly. These clips are the perfect item to tighten your mask and protect your ears. It is light in weight, more convenient to wear, and easy to adjust. The masks stay on the kids even when they are running around and they are happy. It works for short periods and gets uncomfortable. It is easy to use and you won’t lose them.

These clips don't wear out, don't easily break, and don't cost much. It is suitable for adults and children, so prevent the mask from falling off.

Why We Like This:
  • Make all your masks snug, safe, and comfortable
  • Good brand reputation

Best For around The ear Masks: Cooklaza loop extender

Cooklaza loop extender
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If you often find yourself confused about appropriate and satisfactory extender, cooklaza loop extender should be your first option for buying. These adjustable strap extenders have been a real lifesaver. This allows you to have a mask with ear loops hang around your neck. It's a great mask extender that is easy to adjust and takes all strap reassure off of ears. This takes the pressure of the ear loops off your ears and also makes your mask more snug fitting.

The clasp of this strap-extender does not "snap-in" or "lock" so the initial step of attaching the strap-extender to your mask's straps is unwieldy. It can fall off until it's tensioned properly. This is super easy to put on.

Why We Like This:
  • Keeps the mask loops from irritating and pulling your ears
  • Make the hospital masks so much more comfortable
  • Easier way to secure your mask
  • Great accessory for a contoured mask that holds its shape

Best For any sizes: CUEHEAT loop extender

CUEHEAT loop extender
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We would, of course, be remiss if we didn't mention cueheat loop extender for daily purpose. The Elastic Hook and Loop Extension Strap Adds Length to Most Ice Packs, Belts, and Straps to Improve Comfort and Fit. It easily moves this extender strap from one use to another. It has 2 inches of hook attachment at the end, the front of the extension belt is a comfortable and soft fabric, and the strap can be fixed to other products by itself to further extend and support.

It works for any sizes, comfortable, and good quality. It can even be used to extend pet vests, jackets, and diapers, no need to extend any hook and loop straps.

Why We Like This:
  • Extension strap is flexible in size
  • Good quality and held up well
  • Extend braces, wraps, straps, belts, ice and heat packs, and more
  • Very easy to attach and use

Best For people: Dr Jeffs Auntic loop extender

Dr Jeffs Auntic loop extender
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We know from years of feedback from readers, customers and amazon sellers, what most people want in a convenient and appropriate extender. The dr jeffs auntic loop extender is exactly that - it's a simple extender that hits all the right notes. Your Dr Jeff's authentic garment extender strap was developed by an emergency physician who has treated over 100, 000 patients with trauma, aches, and pains. It works well as shoe extension. This stretchy hook and loop extender adds extra length to any product where hook and loop is used and the user needs a little extra room for comfort. It is designed to improve the fit of any ice pack with straps.

This back brace extender strap is thin and strong giving you the extra length you need without being bulky. It is perfect for people who want to use their gel pack on larger body parts, or for pregnant women with lower back pain who need additional room to accommodate their growing belly.

Why We Like This:
  • Increase the fit and comfort of any ice pack or ice belt
  • Lightweight, sturdy, stays attached and easily repositioned
  • Assembled from premium quality professional grade materials with quality stitching that won't separate