The 6 Best Lysol Crisp Linen Scent Disinfectant Sprays (2023 reviews)

lysol crisp linen scent disinfectant sprays
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Best Overall:
Buy: Lysol Household Disinfectant

Best For climbing shoe odors:
Buy: Lysol Driftwood Waters Scent

Best For Use:
Buy: Lysol Fabric Spray

Best For Fabric:
Buy: Lysol Crisp Linen Scent Disinfectant Spray

Best For travel:
Buy: Lysol Disinfecting Spray

Best With cap:
Buy: Lysol Fresh Scent

Best Overall: Lysol Household Disinfectant

Lysol Household Disinfectant
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This lysol household disinfectant is capable of outshining several other products featured in this list in overall features. This lysol disinfecting product should work as hard as you do. It is great for disinfecting hard surfaces. It smells good, but the amount is very small, and it emptys after a few sprays. It is tested and proven to kill 999 of viruses and bacteria, including covid. The value of the products is reasonable for 2 cans and the thickness of it is great. The size and the fragrance, also kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. It is good for doorknobs to eliminate any germs.

Why We Like This:
  • Scent delicate and leaves a fresh feeling
  • Great and convenient for sanitizing outwears
  • Easy to use and a good value

Best For climbing shoe odors: Lysol Driftwood Waters Scent

Lysol Driftwood Waters Scent
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The lysol driftwood waters scent should be able to handle its purpose and duties with ease. The new Lysol disinfectant spray 2 in 1 combines effective germ killing and odor elimination. It works well to neutralize the odor and the best benefit is that it sanitizes at the same which is a great thing to have. This disinfectant spray not only disinfects but also smells great. It is used for cleaning and disinfecting with a fine mist.

This product is excellent for killing germs in the air. It eliminates odors and disinfects at the same time. The fragrance is pleasant, and it is not irritating or annoying. This disinfectant spray helps protect your family and helps keep them healthy.

Why We Like This:
  • Destroys odors, like advertized, non toxic
  • Great scent and you can use it for multiple purposes is awesome
  • Perfect for traveling and it's genius the two in one combo
  • Smells so good, love that it’s a disinfectant and air freshener

Best For Use: Lysol Fabric Spray

Lysol Fabric Spray
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Compared with other products by Lysol, the lysol fabric spray has a convenient design. The Lysol spray should really have options for different scents as it smells like a hospital bathroom. It's a more attractive top. It can help save lives. The fabric refresher is a great added bonus.

These have your whole house smelling clean and refresh. It has a heavy scent. The bottles are pretty big, so they are not for traveling, but great for quick clean ups. It is also tested and proven effective against the covid. This is a good pack to keep on regular order for day to day quick clean ups.

Why We Like This:
  • Great products to fight the flu season
  • Takes out old smells really well
  • Awesome smell great on all surfaces
  • Easy enough to pop one on from an empty bottle though

Best For Fabric: Lysol Crisp Linen Scent Disinfectant Spray

Lysol Crisp Linen Scent Disinfectant Spray
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Compared with other products by Lysol, the lysol crisp linen scent disinfectant spray has a convenient design. Traveling through your home with this product will bring smiles and safety. It eliminates 999 of bacteria detergents that detergents leave behind. It is great for use on bedding, sofas and upholstered furniture. It contains x1 bottle of lysol laundry sanitizer, x2 lysol disinfectant spray canisters, and x1 lysol fabric disinfectant spray canister.

The scent is amazing but the most important thing is the disinfectant. It does the job without a medicinal scent. It keeps the classroom a little fresher and hopefully kill some of the bad germs.

Why We Like This:
  • Useful product with a pleasant smell
  • Lysol bundle for disinfection and sanitization
  • Good brand reputation

Best For travel: Lysol Disinfecting Spray

Lysol Disinfecting Spray
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This household disinfectant kills over 100 illness causing germs, including cold and flu viruses. This disinfecting spray eliminates 99.9 % of germs and odor causing bacteria. It has a 2x wider spray than lysol disinfectant spray, ideal for fabric usage. You can use this disinfecting spray on soft surfaces, like couches, coats, sports bags, strollers and backpacks.

This disinfecting spray sanitizes, disinfects and eliminates odors. It comes in a pack of three and one of them is for fabric. The value pack is worth money, and it is economical.

Why We Like This:
  • Sanitizing spray for hard and soft surfaces
  • Good investment for long term

Best With cap: Lysol Fresh Scent

Lysol Fresh Scent
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Compared with other products by Lysol, the lysol fresh scent has a convenient design. Lysol Disinfectant Spray eliminates the following bacteria, fungi and viruses on hard non-porous surfaces. It doesn't really smell great to be honest, it kind of smells like pure alcohol and chemical fury, but that's a good thing. Lysol Crisp is a disinfectant Spray versus Neutra Air is more odor neutralizer. It has design is good and shows different uses. It can also help prevent common allergies and seasonal colds and flu.

You can also use these bottles to clean couches/clothes too if you are trying to decolonize MRSA/Staph/ECT. It is perfect for around the house or businesses.

Why We Like This:
  • Good product, really nullifies odors and makes surfaces smell fresh
  • Linen scent very pleasant to use on a daily basis
  • Crisp linen scent is very nice