The 8 Best old Playstation Headsets (2023 reviews)

old playstation headsets
Are you planning to buy old playstation headsets, and are you confused about the options ? Your search ends here.

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Best Overall:
Buy: Steelseries old Playstation Headset

Best For Your buck Headset:
Buy: hyperx Perfect Headset

Best For Fortnite:
Buy: Nanddi old Playstation Headset

Best For kid:
Buy: Turtle Beach Great Headset

Best For slightly smaller Head:
Buy: Turtle Beach old Playstation Headset

Best For Even Small heads:
Buy: Binnune old Playstation Headset

Best For Voice Chat:
Buy: hyperx old Playstation Headset

Best sounding Headset:
Buy: Amazon renewed old Playstation Headset

Best Overall: Steelseries old Playstation Headset

Steelseries old Playstation Headset
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If you want nothing short of the optimal headset for your regular usage, this steelseries old playstation headset is certainly a wise investment. It is a great gaming headset for a rainbow six siege. It is built to last with a steel-reinforced headband that easily adjusts to fit all head sizes, while remaining lightweight and durable. Its sleek and lightweight design includes the same high quality speaker drivers and microphone tech as the critically acclaimed arctis 7, so you can bring the award-winning performance of arctis anywhere.

The volume is loud and they are comfortable. It is made of quality materials that will last a long time while also being very comfortable for long gaming sessions. The sound quality is very high, and the mic is also superb. This makes the connection to your ps4 seamless. These are so comfortable and have great sound.

Why We Like This:
  • Audio quality is solid, clear and punchy
  • Super long battery life, great sound quality and mic quality
  • Excellent headphones that are comfortable and clear

Best For Your buck Headset: hyperx Perfect Headset

hyperx Perfect Headset
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We would, of course, be remiss if we didn't mention hyperx perfect headset for daily purpose. The HyperX Cloud Stinger Core headset features a single 3.5mm 4-pole audio jack for headphone and microphone connectivity. The microphone boom is easy to manipulate into position and easily swivels up and out of the way. The mute and volume functions are on the cable, it has a wire on each ear cup, and the padding is cloth. The best feature is the light weight feel. The battery lasts long and the sound is great for gaming and listening to music. The cushioning provides comfort to your ears for hours.

The sound quality is great and the mic sounds pretty nice. It has a USB-c to usb connection cord (included) which is better than normal mini-usb, so this charges up pretty fast. They're also comfortable, the battery has decent longevity, when they die they turn back on immediately after being plugged in, and they charge quickly.

Why We Like This:
  • Very light weight and comfortable for video conferencing
  • Great sound, comfortable, and easy to use
  • You can also adjust how loud you hear yourself in the headset
  • Very comfortable for extended periods of gaming

Best For Fortnite: Nanddi old Playstation Headset

Nanddi old Playstation Headset
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Nanddi line of headset come in a pretty wide variety of styles, so you can definitely find one that suits your individual preferences and needs. The gaming headset provides game lovers with a comfortable wearing experience, the headband is retractable and adjustable and uses upgraded lightweight materials. It provides great sound quality and its really comfortable, but there is an echo for other players. There is a mic switch on the other side of the volume dial. It is comfortable and works as it is intended.

The sound quality is very good. There are other features which are very nice as well for instance, the padding throughout the head piece and ears, the wire is not plastic but fabric and the mic control is easily assessable. It's a bulky set but quite nice.

Why We Like This:
  • Gaming ps4 headset great for gaming and noise cancelation
  • Very comfortable to wear for an extended period of time
  • Soft ear pads and soft padding on the part that sits on your head

Best For kid: Turtle Beach Great Headset

Turtle Beach Great Headset
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The turtle beach great headset should be able to handle its purpose and duties with ease. It is built for your next victory, your latest achievement and much more with the Turtle Beach recon 70 gaming headset for ps4 pro, ps4, and ps. It is designed for ps5, ps4, and ps4 pro and works great with xbox series x, xbox series s, xbox one, nintendo switch, and pc & mobile devices with 3.5mm connection.

Turtle Beach’s renowned high-sensitivity mic picks up your voice loud and clear to ensure your commands are always heard. A lightweight headset design ensures complete comfort during those hours-long gaming sessions featuring a padded headband and ear cushions. The headphones also have their own volume dial to adjust the volume independently. The microphone works great and it's very handy to be able to flip it up out of the way if you're just listening to music or not doing something requiring you to have a microphone.

The ear cups are large and cover your entire ear so they do a great job of isolating the sound.

Why We Like This:
  • Really nice sound, clear and comfy to use for extended gaming sessions
  • Extendes about and inch and a half in both sides
  • New and hot release

Best For slightly smaller Head: Turtle Beach old Playstation Headset

Turtle Beach old Playstation Headset
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We would, of course, be remiss if we didn't mention turtle beach old playstation headset for daily purpose. Your key to victory on playstation 4 and playstation 5, the Turtle Beach recon 70 gaming headset features a lightweight and comfortable design, high-quality 40mm over-ear speakers, and a high-sensitivity flip-up microphone. It plugs in like any other pair of headphones or earbuds. The sound quality in the headset is comparable to a surround sound system, but provides the ability to play games at ridiculous times of night without keeping others awake.

The Recon 70 headset is compatible with the Mic Monitor found in Xbox One controllers. It has a short on one side of the head set, and sounds comes and goes. It is easy to use and is highly responsive. The clarity is very crisp and clear through the microphone. It fixes well and the design it lit.

Why We Like This:
  • Best quality sound throughout no feedback and comfortable feel
  • Lasts a while, works great, and is not complicated like the more expansive headsets
  • Sound cancelling is decent as well

Best For Even Small heads: Binnune old Playstation Headset

Binnune old Playstation Headset
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Next on the list, we've got yet another headset that manages to win our hearts. It's the binnune old playstation headset and it's widely considered as headset that has the most suitable features. This headset with microphone delivers immersive gaming audio and seamless communication. The voice that says what's happening when you press a button is an asian female voice, with an asian sound accent. It connects to the PS4 really easy, no extra wires needed to rout sound. It makes the headset work via USB with non-bluetooth devices.

It is compatible via 2.4ghz wireless connection on PC, playstation. The headset has an on/ off button for the microphone, and the headset works just fine without it. It is compatible with pc, mac, laptop, playstation, xbox, nintendo switch, cell phones and vr.

Why We Like This:
  • Good sound, great range, good battery life, comfy for hours
  • Great headset for zoom and online meetings
  • Love the option to connect to computer with dongle or phone with bluetooth

Best For Voice Chat: hyperx old Playstation Headset

hyperx old Playstation Headset
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If you often find yourself scrambling for convenient and suitable headset, hyperx old playstation headset is your end point. The officially ps4 licensed hyperx cloud chat headset is built with a 40 mm driver for clear voice chat communication. It has a comfy ear cushion and can be worn on either ear. It has a flexible noise-cancellation mic, pop filter, and in-line audio controls to easily adjust volume and mute the mic. The single ear cup allows you to hear game audio from your tv or home entertainment system as you chat in-game with your squad or party chat with friends.

The sound quality is ok, not the crisp, clearest sound but it can get loud if you need it tho. The noise-cancellation microphone and pop filter provide clear chat audio. It sounds good for voice chat, and the mic transmits well and without much interference. It comes with a reversible design and the headset can be worn on either the left or the right ear.

Why We Like This:
  • Mute and volume controls on the wire work well
  • Lightweight enough to wear for an entire shift
  • Great mono ear option to block out noise with good quality
  • Very comfortable when worn for long periods

Best sounding Headset: Amazon renewed old Playstation Headset

Amazon renewed old Playstation Headset
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Next on the list, we've got yet another headset that manages to win our hearts. It's the amazon renewed old playstation headset and it's widely considered as one of the best convenient headset you can buy. Utilizing a patented prospecs glasses relief system featuring dual-foam ear cushions, this headset alleviates pressures to allow you to play in comfort. It is simple using the provided compact-usb transmitter. The controls are easy to use. They are excellent shape and work like new. A larger, high-sensitivity, high-performance mic enhances chat clarity and seamlessly integrates into the headset when muted.

The sound quality from the turtle headphones is really good. They are flawless and look like a brand new headset. The battery does require charging using the supplied usb-c cable.

Why We Like This:
  • Muting is pretty easy just pull the microphone up
  • Good bass and a well balanced sound
  • Works well, no issues with refurbished, works like new
  • Noise canceling, fit over ear, and positioning of microphone