The 12 Best P 4 Headphones (2023 reviews)

p 4 headphones
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Best Overall:
Buy: hyperx P 4 Headphone

Best For Fortnite:
Buy: Tatybo P 4 Headphone

Best For Price:
Buy: PDP P 4 Headphone

Best For Gaming:
Buy: Nanddi P 4 Headphone

Best For school:
Buy: Npet P 4 Headphone

Best For Even Small heads:
Buy: Binnune P 4 Headphone

Best For Skype:
Buy: Arkartech P 4 Headphone

Best For Online job:
Buy: EKSA P 4 Headphone

Best With X Box:
Buy: Bengoo P 4 Headphone

Best For regular Music:
Buy: Odaban P 4 Headphone

Best For Small Ear canals:
Buy: Turtle Beach P 4 Headphone

Best For On The Go:
Buy: Bluefire P 4 Headphone

Best Overall: hyperx P 4 Headphone

hyperx P 4 Headphone
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The look and feel of this headphones are consistent with the high quality we're used to from the rest of Hyperx's lineup. If you want an honest affordable headset for games or movies, it is a good choice. The sound quality is great, very clear and not too loud. The best feature is the light weight feel. The headset rotates slightly to the contours of your head while not creating any gaps while you turn your head. The sound quality is good, and the best part is you can pick out the subtle noises especially when playing first-person shooter games.

It comes with a mic/headphone splitter cable for use on a pc. It is built to last for an immersive experience.

Why We Like This:
  • Great sound, comfortable, and easy to use
  • Plenty loud enough, and comfortable for extended use
  • Very comfortable for extended periods of gaming
  • Very light weight and comfortable for video conferencing

Best For Fortnite: Tatybo P 4 Headphone

Tatybo P 4 Headphone
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We know from years of feedback from readers, customers and amazon sellers, what most people want in a convenient and appropriate headphone. The tatybo p 4 headphone is exactly that - it's a simple headphone that hits all the right notes. No matter what kind of games you are playing, you will get ultimate immersive and vivid sound with such a excellent gaming headset. It’s made for any console or PC, and the cord has a lot of extra connections that can make them a little cumbersome. You can control the gaming headset easily with it’s independent mute button and small slide controller. There is also a mic volume control on the cord. All background noise is gone and the sound quality is great also.

This is a great replacement set of headphones. It’s really of good sound quality and convenient to use.

Why We Like This:
  • Headphones are loud and great quality
  • Really good voice clarity and easy to change volume settings
  • Comfortable, durable, light-weight, good mic/headphone quality, easy to use volume/mic control adjuster
  • Easily hooked up, sound quality great works perfectly with a ps

Best For Price: PDP P 4 Headphone

PDP P 4 Headphone
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Best part: pdp p 4 headphone costs comparatively low and it is available to ship in 24 hours. This product is perfect for when you need a headset that allows you to talk to other online gamers. It fits well for younger kids as well as adults. It is designed for long gaming sessions with deluxe comfort padding, adjustable durable headband, noise-isolating ear cups, and breathable, surround soft foam cushions. It has the slide to become bigger or, smaller.

This is a good solid set of headphones that have excellent sound quality. It is light, comfortable and works well. It will work for the gaming system and work well. It is hard wired so never have to worry about charging it.

Why We Like This:
  • Good quality sound, nice fit, stylish
  • Good quality sound, and good quality microphone, also comfortable to wear
  • Hear your enemies before you see them with the two powerful 40mm speaker drivers

Best For Gaming: Nanddi P 4 Headphone

Nanddi P 4 Headphone
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The nanddi p 4 headphone should be able to handle its purpose and duties with ease. It provides high-quality simulated surround sound, such as gunshots, enemy footsteps, and more, to enhance the immersive gaming experience. It is used for gaming oo play on a ps. It has surround sound, noise cancellation, and a good mic. It is comfortable and works as it is intended.

It comes with microphone is compatible with multiple game devices, such as ps4, ps5, pc, xbox one (adapter required), xbox one s/x, ios, android device. There are other features which are very nice as well for instance, the padding throughout the head piece and ears, the wire is not plastic but fabric and the mic control is easily assessable. It provides great sound quality and its really comfortable, but there is an echo for other players.

Why We Like This:
  • Noise quality and microphone quality is great
  • Very comfortable to wear for an extended period of time
  • Gaming ps4 headset great for gaming and noise cancelation
  • Soft ear pads and soft padding on the part that sits on your head

Best For school: Npet P 4 Headphone

Npet P 4 Headphone
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The npet p 4 headphone is suitable and reliable and fits well with your daily purpose. The line microphone with a rotary volume controller and a key mic mute is more convenient for game players. It has great sound that never cuts out and is great for gaming. Even on the lowest microphone input setting, it picks up every breath and hard sound you make. The High tensile strength, anti-winding braided USB cable with a rotary volume controller and a key mic mute effectively prevents the long cable from twining and allows you to easily control the volume mute the mic as an effortless volume control with one key mute. It comes with a converter piece that allows you to plug it in to pcs or you can take it off and plug it into a console.

The headphones have surround sound functions so you can hear in game and hear where noises are coming from.

Why We Like This:
  • Affordable and works great without discomfort
  • Great for gaming with clear sound and noise cancellation
  • Perfect headset for anyone who likes to play games online
  • Great headphones for a little gamer

Best For Even Small heads: Binnune P 4 Headphone

Binnune P 4 Headphone
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Binnune is known for creating pragmatic and minimalist headphone for people on the go, and its line of binnune p 4 headphone definitely falls in line with that reputation. This headset with microphone delivers immersive gaming audio and seamless communication. The voice that says what's happening when you press a button is an asian female voice, with an asian sound accent. They don't sound bad and they have Bluetooth and bring the USB that you can connect to the computer. It also has great sound, especially for video games that require hearing.

These are nice and stylish gaming headphones. The microphone that says what's happening when you press a button is an asian female voice, with an asian sound accent. They have good sound, the mic quality is good too, the charge lasts a long time and they are comfy. It has a good battery life and is fast to recharge.

Why We Like This:
  • Great sound and no issues with mic
  • Amazing for gaming and very nice
  • Blocks out a lot of ambient room noise
  • Easily 35 ft and through walls

Best For Skype: Arkartech P 4 Headphone

Arkartech P 4 Headphone
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The arkartech p 4 headphone is capable of outshining several other headphone featured in this list in overall features for the price point. The noise-cancellation is surprisingly effective. It will perfectly meet your demands for gaming, working, online chatting, broadcasting, and recording. These are decently comfortable, durable, and the mic quality is excellent and the lights look nice. It has good bass and is somewhat noise cancelling which helps you focus whether you are gaming or listening to music.

The mic is sturdy and folds back into the headset when you're done. It includes an adapter for separate mic and audio like on some desktop computers. The light changing colors is pretty cool too. The sound quality is Great, the noise cancellation is as good as Brandt such as Bose, the volume can be controlled via the Burton on the wire as well as the mix.

Why We Like This:
  • Perfect gaming headset, mic is stable and solid
  • Excellent, great in comfort and sound
  • Perfect for gaming and the quality is great
  • Sound quality is good and clear

Best For Online job: EKSA P 4 Headphone

EKSA P 4 Headphone
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The eksa p 4 headphone is satisfactory and appropriate and fits well with your daily usage. These headphones are so good, Gamers, Streamers and the casual person can enjoy it. The upgraded 50mm large-size driver unit is equipped with a copper voice coil, which has a wide dynamic range of sound, and the sense of space and positioning are well reflected, giving you an immersive feeling. It also has a little control on the cord that controls the volume and has a mute button.

The headphones are amazing quality and the microphone works perfectly. They're comfortable to use for long periods, and decently noise cancelling. If you are looking for a headset with a mic for school, gaming, or even work this will work great. It is perfect for games and music.

Why We Like This:
  • Great for noise cancelation and sound quality
  • Product is made solid and durable
  • Easy to assemble, just add the boom microphone

Best With X Box: Bengoo P 4 Headphone

Bengoo P 4 Headphone
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Next on the list, we've got yet another headphone that manages to win our hearts. It's the bengoo p 4 headphone and it's widely considered as headphone that has the most suitable features. It is perfect for various games like halo 5 guardians, metal gear solid, call of duty, star wars battlefront, overwatch, world of warcraft legion, etc. The Headset integrated onmi-directional microphone can transmit high quality communication with its premium noise-concellng feature, can pick up sounds with great sensitivity and remove the noise, which enables you to clearly deliver or receive messages while you are in a game. Its adjustable band includes a padded section for the crown of your skull for maximum comfort, as well as luxurious, leather earcups.

The headphones look very modern and fit perfectly. It provides gamers with a great experience and encourages hours of play. It has a longer cord that plugs into a video game remote controller. It provides multiple compatibility between laptop, pc, mobile and tablet which is awesome when you move from device to device. The cloth covered wires offer great flexibility.

Why We Like This:
  • Easy to use and is noise canceling
  • Not too tight, perfect for headache-prone users
  • One of the new comers and featured product

Best For regular Music: Odaban P 4 Headphone

Odaban P 4 Headphone
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Not everyone likes to purchase headphone for their regular usage, but the odaban p 4 headphone would be an anomoly. Comfortable soft leather ear pads and memory foam fit your ears with ease and ensure the best comfort even after several hours, headphones can be adjusted. It is suitable for devices with a 3.5mm interface. The high tensile strength, anti-winding braided usb cable with rotary volume controller and key microphone mute effectively prevents the noise. The light is controlled by the USB interface. It is easy to hear people with them and it does an okay job at cancelling out outside noises.

The quality is very nice, you don't *have* to keep them glowing so it's optional, the mute button on the headset is very useful, the audio control on the headset is also insanely useful, and the microphone is pretty good. The cable is made well with nylon braided wires. It is suitable for devices with 3.5mm interface.

Why We Like This:
  • Easy to use, works really well, good quality
  • One of the new comers and featured product

Best For Small Ear canals: Turtle Beach P 4 Headphone

Turtle Beach P 4 Headphone
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Next on the list, we've got yet another headphone that manages to win our hearts. It's the turtle beach p 4 headphone and it's widely considered as one of the best convenient headphone you can buy. These earbuds are amazing sound that is awesome def noise canceling and voice wulity is great a mush have for someone seeking a good all around headset. While being quite small and ergonomic, they produce a rich sound and provide decent mic quality. The volume control is reasonably easy to grab and adjust.

The microphone is very responsive and the earbuds sit comfortably once you've figured out which rubber tips to use for your ears. There are controls for the mic and audio volume on the headset itself, which is very nice. The audio quality is great, the microphone is great. It is great for pre game music and even better in game.

Why We Like This:
  • Come with different size ear buds
  • Sound is clear and feels like surround sound
  • Very convenient, for gaming or phone calls
  • Fits in ear perfectly, not heavy at all

Best For On The Go: Bluefire P 4 Headphone

Bluefire P 4 Headphone
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Compared with other headphone in this category, the bluefire p 4 headphone has a convenient design. It is perfectly comfortable ear piece for phone conferences. They’re great ear buds, everything sounds clear like a big headset without the bulkiness, and also stay in place even when using the boom mic. The sound through the earpieces is great, comes with a bunch of adjustable bits, but it will absolutely pick up all the noise in the room around you unless you have a mixer set up. The adaptable foam bit makes a great seal.

This headset has appropriate audio output power, whether it is vocals, strong bass, 3D surround or other sound effects, so you can experience an excellent pleasure in any scene. The inline microphone overpowers the in-ear microphone and picks up way too much background noise to be useful for anyone wanting to stream their game-play or make videos.

Why We Like This:
  • Great sound quality, lightweight, works great for gaming
  • Volume and mic off switches are easily used
  • Added pluses are the accessories and extra thick cable
  • Detachable if you want to use the integrated volume slider with built-in mic