The 8 Best p Controller Cables (2023 reviews)

p controller cables
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Best Overall:
Buy: Sissfo p Controller Cable

Best For Replacement:
Buy: Batsoeasy p Controller Cable

Best For sofa:
Buy: DEEGO p Controller Cable

Best Cord:
Buy: Tpltech p Controller Cable

Best Long Cord:
Buy: SIOCEN p Controller Cable

Best For Xbox:
Buy: Koowod p Controller Cable

Best For Use:
Buy: 6amlifestyle p Controller Cable

Best For Dualshock:
Buy: Akingdleo p Controller Cable

Best Overall: Sissfo p Controller Cable

Sissfo p Controller Cable
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The sissfo p controller cable is long-lasting, rigid and fits well with your daily purpose like a dream. This PS4 Pro Controller cable is easy to work with, hide, manipulate, and flexible enough to manuver it where you want it. It is durable & flexible micro USB charging cable, premium quality nylon fabric braided provides a tangle free experience. It can sit on the couch and have remotes plugged in.

The Extra 15ft(4.5m) length ps4 charging cord allows you to sit back and play at a comfortable distance, more convenient to use while sitting on the couch or lay on the bed, reliable connection won't get loose or fall out of your devices. This product is great for bluetooth speakers and other devices. It is great for xbox one branded controllers. The PS4 Controller Charger Cable Allows Your Devices Sync and Charge Simultaneously without Stuck on Loading Screen and Improve Your Gaming Experience.

Why We Like This:
  • Long enough to sit on couch and play
  • Very sturdy but flexible and a great length
  • Hassle free, even shipped in a box, not stupid plastc bag

Best For Replacement: Batsoeasy p Controller Cable

Batsoeasy p Controller Cable
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The batsoeasy p controller cable's superior materials makes sure that it ages well with use. This is an affordable cure that works day in, day out. The length of these two cords allows the user to charge the controller and use the controller at the same time while sitting farther away from the PS4 and tv. It gives a player a longer length when the controller is connected to the system. It can be used to charge any devices with a micro-usb port in addition to charge the ps4 playstation.

This product is great for charging your controller when you are far from the system or a wall outlet. It’s a strong cord and works perfect. The Cable is good and flexible so it’s easy to keep out of your way while in use.

Why We Like This:
  • Nice tight fit in your playstation controller
  • Great value, and the length is perfect for keeping the ps4 controller connected
  • Works great and has good length

Best For sofa: DEEGO p Controller Cable

DEEGO p Controller Cable
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The 15 ft durable android charging cable provides extra reach for charging & syncing your devices, perfect choice for you to replace your original cable and add more convenient for using your device at home, office or travel or any place you prefer. It has amazing quality and works incredibly well. The cable works really well in a family room environment and allows for faster USB controller on PS4 Pro. It has a sturdy but flexible outer braided coating to protect the wire & guard against sharp, wire breaking angles.

This cable is superior, long, flexible, and securely fits in the xbox 1 controller. The android charger cable great performance ensures maximum charging speed up to 2.4a and the micro cord transfer data up to 480 mbps via backward compatible usb 2. The 15 long cable allows charging the controller while playing, also can be used to charge other devices without feeling tethered to the USB port. It comes with a tested 10000+ bend lifespan.

Why We Like This:
  • Affordable, long micro usb cable that works
  • Perfect for having surgery and cant walk
  • Great when you need to play from the couch

Best Cord: Tpltech p Controller Cable

Tpltech p Controller Cable
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The Premium materialusb charging cable for the PS4 and the xbox controller provides high speed charging time while keeping your device completely safe. It takes about 2 hours, this one takes an additional 45 mins. It’s also a good choice to replace your original/broken/short cables.

This cable is 15Ft long and it is awesome to use for the PS4 or to charge anything in your house. Every cable will not provide you with fast charge or quick charge alone, you will hold a power block support for fast charge and a phone capable of the same. It is perfect for charging while playing. The xbox&ps4 controller usb cable enable charging speed up to 2.4a, which works better for tablets and quick charge devices.

Why We Like This:
  • Great replacement for playstation 4 control charger
  • Made sturdy and works as it should
  • Delivers what they promise

Best Long Cord: SIOCEN p Controller Cable

SIOCEN p Controller Cable
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Siocen offers a variety of cable for personal choice and yet maintaining quality in all the variants. The SIOCEN ps4 controller charger wire for Xbox one connects effortlessly and securely into your controllers so they won't feel loose during play. Whether you are laying on the bed or sitting on the couch, the siocen 10 feet long ps4 charging cable power cord will give you the proximity to game comfortably without the annoying need to be near your console.

These have a charger cord for xbox one controller ps. It is great for game while connected from 10 ft away and charging your controllers. Compatible xbox one cable is intended to charge your playstation 4 devices as quickly as possible so that you can maximize your gaming time.

Why We Like This:
  • Stay focused and enjoy the best/immersive gaming experience
  • Works good really long, can sit anywhere and play the xbox now
  • Perfect for ongoing and attentive gamers

Best For Xbox: Koowod p Controller Cable

Koowod p Controller Cable
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The koowod p controller cable should be able to handle its purpose and duties with ease. These are not only extra long, durable, and cool looking devices as they charge. It is made with 23 awg high gauge low impedance wires which enable oritikur usb cable to charge 8% faster than regular usb cables. The length is great to keep other electronic devises closeby as they charge.

It has the same charging cable as the other ps4 controllers. The connector snugs the device for good grip and doesnt fall out like some cheaper ones. It is good charger for gentle use. The cable is pretty rugged. It is made from quality material and are a good value for the money.

Why We Like This:
  • You can charge and play without being so close to the tv
  • Perfect for ps4 controllers, beats studio headphones, charging power banks
  • Good long charger cord for playing while charging

Best For Use: 6amlifestyle p Controller Cable

6amlifestyle p Controller Cable
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Compared with other cable in this category, the 6amlifestyle p controller cable has a convenient design. Professional gaming equipment allows you to challenge the impossible in the game. The 6 Amlifestyle ps4 controller charger cable allows you to play games and charge your controllers simultaneously. It is designed for dualshock 4 ( ps4/ ps4 slim/ ps4 pro controllers), xbox one x/ xbox one s/ xbox one elite/ xbox one controllers and more devices with a micro USB port.

These cords charge perfectly and are very long. The compact connector heads easily and steadily slot in your ps4 controllers, so they won't get loose during playing. This cord fits, plugs in smoothly, and the controller works again. They also work with a Xbox one controller. You can type in Nintendo PowerA Wired Controller all day and it will keep showing the USB A to USB C. These cables come in a nice product box, instead of in a plastic bag, and also comes with two pieces of velcro-style cable ties.

Why We Like This:
  • Good quality cables, they charge well and are made of durable material
  • Good investment for long term

Best For Dualshock: Akingdleo p Controller Cable

Akingdleo p Controller Cable
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The akingdleo p controller cable is satisfactory and appropriate and fits well with your daily usage. It is designed for dualshock 4 ps4/ ps4 slim/ ps4 pro controllers, xbox one x/ xbox one s/ xbox one elite/ xbox one controllers and more devices with micro USB port. The Nylon fiber cloth jacket firmly wraps the Micro USB cable which makes it have excellent anti-twisting & abrasion-proof property.

Why We Like This:
  • New and hot release
  • One of the new comers and featured product