The 11 Best RV Toilet Liner Bags (2023 reviews)

rv toilet liner bags
There are several advantages of having a rv toilet liner bag. Let’s take you step by step, type by type, and find the best rv toilet liner bag for you.

Our review process:

Our Top Picks:

Best Overall:
Buy: Vive Commode Liner

Best For bucket:
Buy: Simply seniors RV Toilet Liner Bag

Best For many Other uses:
Buy: Tidycare RV Toilet Liner Bag

Best For times:
Buy: Lunderg One Bag

Best With adult chair:
Buy: Lunderg RV Toilet Liner Bag

Best For bariatric Commode chair:
Buy: Carebag RV Toilet Liner Bag

Best For travel:
Buy: Carex RV Toilet Liner Bag

Best For personal Care:
Buy: Cowb Manm RV Toilet Liner Bag

Best For elderly Convenient or Camping Use:
Buy: Kovevo RV Toilet Liner Bag

Best For campers:
Buy: Vive RV Toilet Liner Bag

Best premium:
Buy: Loveerct RV Toilet Liner Bag

Best Overall: Vive Commode Liner

Vive Commode Liner
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Here, we review bag that manages to win our hearts. It's the vive commode liner and it's widely considered as one of best bag you can buy. The pad is essentially a very absorbent, thick paper towel, with some tiny beads which help absorb the urine. It includes an absorbent pad that holds up to 16 ounces of liquid. The bags are thick enough and it has a pad in it to absorb some liquid. It fits well, more durable, no leakage, and easy to use.

The liners fit the bedside commode bucket and are deep enough that there is no spillage. There is a pad included with each bag that is placed in the bottom of the bag to absorb liquid. It includes a super-absorbent pad to reduce splashes and spills. It can be used in an emergency bucket or other device for camping, travel, etc.

Why We Like This:
  • Nice and thick with absorbable pee pad for inside
  • Makes clean up so much easier and faster
  • Bags are strong and leak proof
  • Perfect thickness for a safe disposal

Best For bucket: Simply seniors RV Toilet Liner Bag

Simply seniors RV Toilet Liner Bag
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Best part: simply seniors rv toilet liner bag costs comparatively low and it is available to ship in 24 hours. These bedside commode liners disposable never leak and are a lifesaver even in the middle of the night. They fit the commode GREAT and are EASY to remove and dispose of. It is great for the bucket used for the commode. The bags are good and heavy and have never leaked, but they're quite large around the edge and require a sometimes futile amount of smoothing down to keep them from bunching around the TOP of the bucket,which is where leaks frequently happen.

These easy to use commode liners are leak-proof and give you a mess-free cleaning of something that can be really nasty to do every day. The thick of these bedside commode liners is about 38 microns.

Why We Like This:
  • Easy to place & remove from toilet
  • More dirty and messy bucket to clean
  • Life savers, perfect for bedside ad chairside commodes
  • Makes cleaning a commode pail a thing of the past

Best For many Other uses: Tidycare RV Toilet Liner Bag

Tidycare RV Toilet Liner Bag
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The tidycare rv toilet liner bag's high-end materials makes sure that it ages well with use. The Liners hold waste very well for easy disposal. It fits the commode pretty good. The top of the liner comes with draw strings that can easily close the top shut without risking of touching anything inside the bag. The liners are well made, and it is non leakage.

These have just enough extra room at the top so several layers of liners and gel pads can be pre-loaded onto the commode bucket making clean up and reuse quick and easy. The liners are great for easy cleanup. It is excellent and makes it very easy to dispose of waste and replace the bag.

Why We Like This:
  • Compact, lightweight, easily assembled and adjusted
  • Easy 2 use, large enough to cover commode pot with drawstrings to tie easily
  • Easy and sanitary way to deal with difficult situation
  • A must for a portable toilet

Best For times: Lunderg One Bag

Lunderg One Bag
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Lunderg waste bags are bigger than normal commode liners to fit any toilet like Home, Boats, RV, Outdoors, Travel, Bucket, Camping or Portable Toilet. They are like short kitchen bags. The gel pack crystals turn liquids into solids. The ties are wide and tie up tight enough that the contents do not leak out. They are similar to white plastic garbage bags, but smaller.

It is great for a dry toilet setup. The pad is super absorbent and the bag is thick and strong and ties up nicely.

Why We Like This:
  • Good quality bag and absorbent pad
  • Wraps onto the bowl without sinking
  • Great for times when water is not available

Best With adult chair: Lunderg RV Toilet Liner Bag

Lunderg RV Toilet Liner Bag
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The lunderg rv toilet liner bag might be a relatively new release, but it's still nothing short of impressive this year. These pads are handy for home and on the road. They are less than half the Absorbency of either unscented Lunderd or the Sammiy brand pads. The fragrance that they bring is not strong enough but it will hold the urine smell. The pads absorb well. They can be folded, cut in half, and used in potty toilets for toddlers, too.

These absorbent pads are a godsend so the material in the commode does not splash around. They have very good absorbency, and would work almost anywhere that has repeated fluid exposure. It works well with the port-a-potty.

Why We Like This:
  • Love the absorbing and no mess
  • Lundberg 100ct liner, with lemon scent, are strong and dependable
  • Best pleasant-smelling, absorbent pads for mobility

Best For bariatric Commode chair: Carebag RV Toilet Liner Bag

Carebag RV Toilet Liner Bag
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Best part: carebag rv toilet liner bag costs comparatively low and it is available to ship in 24 hours. The Toilet Bowl Liner will fit over most non-standard commode pails. It is easy to use with an absorbent pad that'll absorb up to 16 oz of body fuilds. It is great for use in your home, while traveling, or during emergencies like plumbing issues or natural disasters.

This liner is made to fit your regular toilet, rv, marine, outdoor & portable toilet, and standard, elongated & bariatric commode pails. The absorbent pad holds the urine and helps decrease the associated odors. The liners save time and decrease the risk of contamination during cleaning. It is easy to use and dispose of in a trash can, waste bin, or dumpster. This is a great product for elongated bedside potty chairs.

Why We Like This:
  • Fits perfectly on the elongated bowl commodes
  • Easy clean up with bag and drawstring handles
  • Intelligently designed, manufactured, and packaged on a roll for convenience
  • Easy to use and tie up securely

Best For travel: Carex RV Toilet Liner Bag

Carex RV Toilet Liner Bag
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The carex rv toilet liner bag is capable of outshining several other bag featured in this list in overall features for the price point. These are a wonderful, easy way to deal with toileting. These super absorbent liners provide caregivers with a convenient solution to easier commode cleaning and sanitation. The size is a good fit for a commode or camping toilet. They come in a cardboard case with the bags neatly folded.

The liners are large enough that it will fit in the container, with enough of the liner hanging outside of the container so that the bag doesn't fall fully into the container during use. It has a nice, light, fresh scent, so your commode will smell fresh even when not in use.

Why We Like This:
  • Holds up to two (2) quarts of liquid
  • Perfect for bedside or travel use
  • Leak proof and hygienic commode liners-great for when the water is turned off
  • Fits well in a small bucket with a seal top

Best For personal Care: Cowb Manm RV Toilet Liner Bag

Cowb Manm RV Toilet Liner Bag
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The cowb manm rv toilet liner bag is satisfactory and appropriate and fits well with your daily usage. It makes it very easy to dispose of the waste. The bags fit over the bucket easily, and the pads absorb urine quite nicely. The pads Wick away moisture to every inch of the pad and then it becomes gelatinous so that the liquid will not spill. This helps keep the bag more securely closed without spilling the contents.

These bags are very resistant, and they do not tear easily. These are quickly and easily compatible with most commodes to provide easy use and disposal. It is an excellent item to keep on hand or to tuck into a bug out bag as well.

Why We Like This:
  • High quality commode bags and liners
  • Good brand reputation

Best For elderly Convenient or Camping Use: Kovevo RV Toilet Liner Bag

Kovevo RV Toilet Liner Bag
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Not everyone likes to purchase bag for their daily purpose, but the kovevo rv toilet liner bag would be an anomoly. Commode liners are great for camping. It is easy to use, whether an indoor or outdoor commode, and even a potty chair. It is quite resistant and the size is ideal. The packaging is vacuum-sealed to minimize extra space and the materials used are of top-notch quality.

The plastic liners are durable like a good quality kitchen bag but shorter, of course. The drawstring closure is flawless in operation. It’s nice that it comes with the pads. This also comes with absorbent pads which are extremely absorbent.

Why We Like This:
  • Absorb great and make clean up easy
  • One of the new comers and featured product

Best For campers: Vive RV Toilet Liner Bag

Vive RV Toilet Liner Bag
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For a low asking price, vive rv toilet liner bag has managed to overwhelm their customers by packing as many features as they could. The portable toilet bag is great in case of emergencies, especially when the water stops. They soak up all the liquid, so you don't have to worry about any spills or smells. The bags fit the elongated oval toilet well. The bag is thick and strong, and the absorbent pad is very absorbent and holds a lot of urine. The absorbent pad holds a lot of urine and helps keep the odor away.

It is ideal for emergencies such as water and sewer issues and power outages due to accidents and natural disasters. You get 24 liners in a pack, which is perfect for when you're camping or preparing for a hurricane or some crazy stuff like that.

Why We Like This:
  • Great for on the go bags to get rid of smelly diapers, etc
  • Tied up easily and there is no leakage
  • New and hot release

Best premium: Loveerct RV Toilet Liner Bag

Loveerct RV Toilet Liner Bag
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If you often find yourself confused about a top-notch bag, loveerct rv toilet liner bag is your end point. The bags hold urine without breaking. They're durable, and they don't leak. The gel pad absorbs liquids very well. It allows closing and handling of the bag easy. There are thick pads included, that do a fantastic job at soaking up any liquid.

These are good quality liners and work and fit great on most portable toilets. The bags themselves are VERY durable, and do not rip or tear easily. It can be kept neat and hygienic at all times, while also saving time for caregivers, the elderly and obese patients.

Why We Like This:
  • Good product and good value for 60 liners and pads
  • Tight fit on commode so it is not easy to use
  • New and hot release