The 6 Best Sega Genesis 3 consoles (2023 reviews)

sega genesis 3 consoles
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Best Overall:
Buy: Geek Ory Sega Genesis 3 Console

Best For Sega Genesis fan:
Buy: Sega Genesis 3 Console

Best With HD converter:
Buy: Gamerz Tek Sega Genesis 3 Console

Best With cartridge slot:
Buy: Hyperkin Sega Genesis 3 Console

Best With USA Power plugs:
Buy: Sega Original box

Best premium:
Buy: Amazon Renewed Sega Genesis 3 Console

Best Overall: Geek Ory Sega Genesis 3 Console

Geek Ory Sega Genesis 3 Console
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If you often find yourself scrambling for good console, geek ory sega genesis 3 console should be your first option for buying. This retro 16 bit SNES is a super buy and it comes and is easy to set up. This system plays all the old Nes, SNES, and Sega cartridges. It is built with three cartridge slots, six controller ports, and now with hdmi compatibility. This system works with all applicable controls from nintendo, sega and third parties. It is compatible with all your old favorite nes, sNES and sega genesis original classic game cartridges.

The sega part of this system has the mega everdrive system giving sega master system compatibility to the genesis portion of the console. This is the most accurate SOC system on the market right now that can play NES/SNES/Genesis/MD all in one.

Why We Like This:
  • A mini usb port for power
  • A handsome modern console for retro game cartridges in hd
  • Fits all game, fun but can not save place
  • Very smooth, very sharp, very nice

Best For Sega Genesis fan: Sega Genesis 3 Console

Sega Genesis 3 Console
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The sega sega genesis 3 console should be able to handle its purpose and duties with ease. This is the newest 2017 Sega Genesis Classic Game Console. It's great for what it's for just playing all Sega games. The game console has 80 built in games, two inferred controllers, one ac power cable and one av cable with mono sound and standard definition video. The backing to them has a tiny phillips head screw that needs to place the batteries into the controllers. The basic sound from this is fine and in sync with game play.

The ports use the DE-9 plugs which permit the use of most controllers. The controller has six action buttons and they feel really nice to push, and the controller also feels nice in the hands. The basic sound of this is fine and in sync with game play. The video looks alot better than it does on the older Sega Genesis models and gameplay is very smooth.

Why We Like This:
  • Great for those who grew up playing the classics and
  • Easy set-up, cords included, great game selection, and a whole lot of nostalgic fun
  • One of the new comers and featured product

Best With HD converter: Gamerz Tek Sega Genesis 3 Console

Gamerz Tek Sega Genesis 3 Console
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Not everyone likes to purchase console for their regular usage, but the gamerz tek sega genesis 3 console would be an anomoly. The Minigen is an excellent product if you want an easy Sega Genesis fix. It works VERY well thus far and is mostly compatible with the Game Genie. The console comes with two six button controllers, a/c cable, and RCA cables with two audio and one video plugs that connect to the back of the console. The game screen has character shadow lines when playing, as does the Sega logo, but they all look and play great so it's worth it to being able to play multicarts.

The 6 button controllers are great and feel good, just a little bit plasticky, but good with very long cables. Despite having separate left/right audio output jacks, the sound is in dual-mono only, so there is no stereo separation. The 2 controls it brings you the necessary to play games very happy as a child no matter your age.

Why We Like This:
  • Solid build and the quality of the controllers is unbelievable
  • You can play all the sega genesis games
  • Small footprint, easy to set up

Best With cartridge slot: Hyperkin Sega Genesis 3 Console

Hyperkin Sega Genesis 3 Console
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Next on the list, we've got yet another console that manages to win our hearts. It's the hyperkin sega genesis 3 console and it's widely considered as one of the best convenient console you can buy. The Hyperkin Retron 3 is a great machine. It works with newer TVs and additionally does super famicom games. It includes all the accessories and comes with mini usb to usb cable. Unlike there are stand alone super nintendo though the hdmi does a better job, it has consistent latency and no pixel blur when scrolling.

The Genesis inputs also appear to be in reverse with the player one port on the right. It's good to play the classic games you grow up with. They have no issues playing repro or multicarts. The video quality is good if not a bit muted. This set only comes with sega and snes controllers.

Why We Like This:
  • Retronn, an excellent line-up of third-party hardware
  • Graphics are nice and you can control the aspect ratio
  • Highly recommended for real retro gamers

Best With USA Power plugs: Sega Original box

Sega Original box
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Compared with other console in this category, the sega original box has a convenient design. The benefits of using original vintage consoles rather than new 3rd party clones is the fact you do not have to worry about compatibility with your original cartridges. It is an official sega console model #2 vintage console. It includes the original box and packing materials, sega genesis 2 system, sonic the hedgehog 2 game cartridge, a sega genesis gamepad, manuals, a power supply, and a sega genesis rf tv adapter.

This system plays the toe jam and Earl cartridges. It does play the early games for the sega genises. The cords are in great shape and the console doesn’t look beat up and plays the cartridges without issue. It works well no problem with game controller or anything else.

Why We Like This:
  • Designed and intended for vintage genesis cartridges like the ones you mentioned
  • Good brand reputation

Best premium: Amazon Renewed Sega Genesis 3 Console

Amazon Renewed Sega Genesis 3 Console
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Best part: amazon renewed sega genesis 3 console is available to ship in 24 hours, the premium features compensate for the higher price.

Why We Like This:
  • Delivers what they promise
  • Lot of satisfied buyers