The 6 Best Sega Genesis HD consoles (2023 reviews)

sega genesis hd consoles
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Best Overall:
Buy: Geek Ory Sega Genesis HD Console

Best With cartridge slot:
Buy: Sega Genesis HD Console

Best With HD converter:
Buy: Gamerz Tek Every Game

Best HDMI Console:
Buy: Hyperkin Sega Genesis HD Console

Best For saves:
Buy: Gamerz Tek Sega Genesis HD Console

Best premium:
Buy: Amazon Renewed Sega Genesis HD Console

Best Overall: Geek Ory Sega Genesis HD Console

Geek Ory Sega Genesis HD Console
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If you often find yourself scrambling for good console, geek ory sega genesis hd console should be your first option for buying. This retro 16 bit SNES is a super buy and it comes and is easy to set up. This system plays all the old Nes, SNES, and Sega cartridges. It is built with three cartridge slots, six controller ports, and now with hdmi compatibility. This system works with all applicable controls from nintendo, sega and third parties. It is compatible with all your old favorite nes, sNES and sega genesis original classic game cartridges.

This is the most accurate SOC system on the market right now that can play NES/SNES/Genesis/MD all in one. The sega part of this system has the mega everdrive system giving sega master system compatibility to the genesis portion of the console. It allows for easy disconnect to add to that has ports for sega and nes.

Why We Like This:
  • A mini usb port for power
  • A handsome modern console for retro game cartridges in hd
  • Fits all game, fun but can not save place
  • Very smooth, very sharp, very nice

Best With cartridge slot: Sega Genesis HD Console

Sega Genesis HD Console
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The sega sega genesis hd console's material feels more premium than its price would suggest. If you still have your original Sega Genesis you really don't need it unless you want the HD upgrade and convenient HDMI connection to modern HD displays. It is made by atgames, and the Sega Genesis classic is made by sega themselves which will come out in. The Game play is actually pretty smooth on this.

The Sega Genesis flashback does run Android as a base to run the games which is a Linux based operating system, already. The engineers and programmers continued to work on the 2018 console and took all of the 2017 console customers feedback into consideration. It has a cartridge space that seems functional so you can play Sega Genesis games on it that are not included. Picture quality & game play in 1080P is really nice. This is not good.

Why We Like This:
  • The 2018 model is the best
  • You can only play the games that are built into the console
  • Fun but suffers from the usual atgames lack of licensed games and subpar controllers
  • The first few versions of the genesis produced by atgames weren't very good

Best With HD converter: Gamerz Tek Every Game

Gamerz Tek Every Game
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Compared with other console in this category, the gamerz tek every game has a convenient design. The MiniGen is an excellent product if you want an easy Sega Genesis fix. This is a "clone" console which means it simulates having a real genesis. It works with almost anything you throw at it for carts including MegaDrive and multicarts. The console comes with two six button controllers, a/c cable, and RCA cables with two audio and one video plugs that connect to the back of the console.

This is a system only that plays all Genesis, Mega Drive, Multicarts, and the Everdrive 1000 + Sega games cart. The game screen has character shadow lines when playing, as does the Sega logo, but they all look and play great so it's worth it to being able to play multicarts. Despite having separate left/right audio output jacks, the sound is dual-mono only, so there is no stereo separation.

Why We Like This:
  • A great alternative to a real sega genesis
  • You can play all the sega genesis games
  • Awesome vintage video games full wide screen

Best HDMI Console: Hyperkin Sega Genesis HD Console

Hyperkin Sega Genesis HD Console
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Best part: hyperkin sega genesis hd console costs comparatively low and it is available to ship in 24 hours. The Hyperkin Retron 3 is a great machine. They have no issues playing repro or multicarts. This 3 in 1 system plays all multi-game cartridges flawlessly. There are three cartridge slots and three sets of controller ports for each respective system. They also remove the Hyperkin startup splash screen on the SNES side and make the NES side compatible with Everdrive N.

This does an awesome job of maintaining the pixels and the aspect ratio to play on a newer HD TV. It also comes with an adapter so you can use your stock controllers for multiple players. It's good to play the classic games you grow up with.

Why We Like This:
  • Highly recommended for real retro gamers
  • Graphics are nice and you can control the aspect ratio
  • Retronn, an excellent line-up of third-party hardware

Best For saves: Gamerz Tek Sega Genesis HD Console

Gamerz Tek Sega Genesis HD Console
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The gamerz tek sega genesis hd console has killer features for the price point. This is a pretty solid video game machine that plays Sega Genesis games. It works for saves, as well as sonic 3 and knuckles. The D-pad accurately replicates the original Genesis 6-button controller and even features the rarely used Mode button on top. The graphics are now a lot more crisp and look great on the HD television.

The Gamerz Tek controller weighs approximately 90 grams, whereas the Hyperkin controller weighs approximately 84 grams. It is not much larger than the game cartridges. The system is powered by a 5V 1.0 Micro USB adapter that plugs into the back of the system.

Why We Like This:
  • Great graphic and controllers and sound
  • Great mini genesis clone with clean visuals, great audio, and compatibility
  • Works like a regular genesis with a hdmi output
  • Works with sonic & knuckles w/sonic

Best premium: Amazon Renewed Sega Genesis HD Console

Amazon Renewed Sega Genesis HD Console
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Next on the list, we've got yet another console that manages to win our hearts. It's the amazon renewed sega genesis hd console and it's widely considered as long-term solution. This is a must have for any retro game collector, or hobbyist. It includes system, hookups, and 1 third-party controller. It has a beautiful picture that fills the whole screen. The console is very clean, and maintained. It is perfectly with no issues.

Why We Like This:
  • Extremely large video game library available
  • One of the new comers and featured product