The 9 Best sling Harness (2023 reviews)

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Best Overall:
Buy: HNYG sling Harness

Best For handler:
Buy: Mighty paw sling Harness

Best For Small To Medium sized Dog:
Buy: Voopet sling Harness

Best For elderly Pet:
Buy: KOOLTAIL sling Harness

Best For Dog With Both Front legs:
Buy: Kokoie sling Harness

Best For smaller Dogs:
Buy: Ownpets sling Harness

Best For Large Dogs:
Buy: Coodeo sling Harness

Best For old Dog:
Buy: LOOBANI sling Harness

Best For Small Shepherds:
Buy: Rocknrescue sling Harness

Best Overall: HNYG sling Harness

HNYG sling Harness
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The hnyg sling harness is capable of outshining several other harness featured in this list in overall features. The Dog support sling can help your dog walk, climb, and live a normal life again after the dog has suffered from degenerative myelopathy, hip dysplasia, acl tears or other debilitating ailments. It is used for elderly dogs whose hind legs gradually lose the ability to walk, dogs whose hind legs cannot stand, and dogs recovering from acl/ccl surgery. It will naturally be pulling up on the belly just below ribs if you are keeping the upward tension.

The strength and thickness of this sling is great when lifting your pet. This is more secure than a towel, and slightly more convenient. It's just basic and inexpensive but is quite well made.

Why We Like This:
  • Very sturdy and supports a lot of weight
  • Slides under the belly and allows you to assist the dog up
  • Handle straps are comfortable to hold

Best For handler: Mighty paw sling Harness

Mighty paw sling Harness
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If you often find yourself scrambling for convenient and suitable harness, mighty paw sling harness is your end point. If you need something to help you help your aging or injured fur baby, this sling/strap is worth every penny. It is perfect for a medium sized dog. The belly pad is sized for a small dog, but the straps at their max length need to be longer. It is easy to use, and it takes pressure off of the dogs legs. The fleece lining is nice and soft and of good quality.

The strap is adjustable as well. For helping your dog up stairs or into a lower car or onto the couch it's perfect. It’s machine washable. The product is good though, sturdy and comfortable.

Why We Like This:
  • Definitely works and makes things easier
  • Nice faux shearling on the inside, and a nylon exterior
  • Sturdy comfortable handles, quick and easy to put on and take off
  • Love the durability and adjustable straps

Best For Small To Medium sized Dog: Voopet sling Harness

Voopet sling Harness
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The voopet sling harness is suitable and reliable and fits well with your regular usage. This is something that gives you leverage and helps you lift your dogs back legs, to help get into a car or up stairs or up stairs or after orthopedic surgeries. The dog hoist provides a comfortable service for your pooch. The dog belly sling carrier is made of nylon that is very durable for small, medium and large breed dogs and hind leg support. It is ideal for assist sling for dogs rehabilitation from hip, leg or back injuries or after orthopedic surgeries.

This dog assist sling equips with a portable gift bag, which the support hip sling is light weight and easy to carry. The handles can be doubled up in your hands to make them shorter as well but the larger you go with the sizing the larger the surface area covered on the chest will be. It is ok for assisted walking, not for assisting dogs who can not stand from a lying position.

Why We Like This:
  • Very handy for trips so it doesn’t get dirty
  • Padding, but quite usable, just mostly for dogs hind legs problems
  • Works great on pets that don’t have full use of back legs

Best For elderly Pet: KOOLTAIL sling Harness

KOOLTAIL sling Harness
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Not everyone likes to purchase harness for their daily purpose, but the kooltail sling harness would be an anomoly. This dog walks & paces all day & night long, but struggles to get up & down or stay stable. It is a detachable berber fleece liner to make your dog warm in cold weather. It is sewn on the entire support harness for stronger, long-lasting, and not easy to tear. It’s convenient to equip the fleece inner, fix the harness, and handle with hook&loop design.

It is made of breathable and soft polyester material to make your dog more comfortable and can be worn all day, it will not rub and hurt your dog's lower abdomen. This sling helps support the balance while walking. The harness is good for male or female dogs. This works well for stability but if your dog has to use the bathroom it’s too wide.

Why We Like This:
  • Sturdy enough for a great pyrenees
  • Great product to use for after rear leg surgery
  • Helps the dog feel secure enough to go
  • Lifesaver for a dog with a broken hip and leg

Best For Dog With Both Front legs: Kokoie sling Harness

Kokoie sling Harness
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Compared with other harness in this category, the kokoie sling harness has a convenient design. It is a great tool for dogs that can't walk without help or climb stairs without help. It works well for a 60 lb dog. It has a design for high visibility at night is added, and the included strap can be attached to the d-ring on the back for use as a walking harness. It provides effective body support when the dog needs help with moving or balancing.

The breathable air-cushioned air mesh ensures your dog gets the best comfort during walks, rehab training and any outdoor activities and can be worn all day long. The harness is very sturdy and easy to clean. The support handle provides instant grip and control, so you don't have to worry about the dog falling down the stairs.

Why We Like This:
  • Sturdy harness for mobility challenged big dog
  • Fabulous harness for a dog who has disabilities walking
  • Suffers from mild to severe arthritis and mild vestibular disease
  • Great product to help a big dog with difficulty walking or end of life

Best For smaller Dogs: Ownpets sling Harness

Ownpets sling Harness
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We would, of course, be remiss if we didn't mention ownpets sling harness for regular usage. This carrier/sling is made EXCEPTIONALLY well. It is designed to provide assistance for pet outdoor activities, dog training and dogs who lose their balance and mobility due to leg injuries, arthritis and rheumatism. It is wear-resistant waterproof oxford fabric, and the inner layer is made of breathable mesh material. It is designed to avoid buttock friction and leg pulling. The Velcro closure has some room to adjust the girth fit.

The design is PERFECT and ERGONOMIC. It has been modified and designed through many experiments. It is great way to provide mobility for older or disabled pet.

Why We Like This:
  • Strong for body, straps not so sturdy
  • Terrifying and painful for your doggie
  • Great for small dogs with mobility issues

Best For Large Dogs: Coodeo sling Harness

Coodeo sling Harness
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Best part: coodeo sling harness costs comparatively low and it is available to ship in 24 hours. If you have a dog with paralysis or arthritis, any disability that limits their ability to walk or get into your vehicle, this harness is an absolute must have. This one needs a padded neck strap to go over a collar for winter dogs. The straps have no cushion or fabric, which makes them dig into the dog's underarms and groin. The part of the harness that covers the belly is in the way. Once adjusted, it also goes on and off fairly easily with 6 snap-in buckles.

This harness is incredibly well made with heavy duty materials. The soft hand pad makes it pleasant to help your dog walk. It will help you help your dog be more mobile.

Why We Like This:
  • Good option for dogs with back problems
  • Great handles, easy to put on, strong harness
  • Incredibly well made, very durable harness
  • Works well to lift big dogs

Best For old Dog: LOOBANI sling Harness

LOOBANI sling Harness
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The loobani sling harness is capable of outshining several other harness featured in this list in overall features for the price point. This is a great sling for an old dog. It is designed to support a dog with leg weakness, joint injuries, orthopedic injuries, arthritis, hip dysplasia, acl tears, or elderly dogs. It is made with quality materials and strong with a sherpa lining and a convenient "pee(p) hole" at the bottom for boys. The straps are made of a durable webbing material and the stitching is sound. The stitching will hold when lifting a dog and there are straps to hold the carrier on the dog.

They are affixed at the fore and hind points of the supporting band that goes under the dog’s abdomen and can be independently adjusted for length with a simple slide mechanism similar to that found on camera or luggage straps. It also has a cutout for male dogs so they can easily relieve themselves without worry of getting this harness soaked. It can work the circumference of the dog's chest should be less than the length of the product, and the distance between the dog's front and rear legs should be greater than or equal to the width of the product. The short harness gives you much more control over your dog.

Why We Like This:
  • Give you a way to support your mobility-limited pet
  • Good investment for long term

Best For Small Shepherds: Rocknrescue sling Harness

Rocknrescue sling Harness
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The rocknrescue sling harness is capable of outshining several other harness featured in this list in overall features for the price point. A full body harness designed specifically for sar dogs, this design helps you to safely and securely lower or raise your dog down cliffs, into collapsed structures or from helicopters. It is ideal for small shepherds, and larger border collies, labrador retrievers, and golden retrievers. The removable backpack straps allow one person to carry a tired, injured, or eldery animal, and the adjustable four point strap system eliminates the need for a bulky heavy spreader bar when lifting or lowering.

Each harness comes with a storage bag so you can keep your doggie’s harness clean and in good condition until the next time you need it. It does have a slot for the male genitals.

Why We Like This:
  • Safe way to lift a large dog into the boat from the dinghy
  • Good brand reputation