The 12 Best Squatting Poop stools (2023 reviews)

squatting poop stools
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Best Overall:
Buy: Auoace Squatting Poop Stool

Best For small Bathroom:
Buy: CHEAGO Squatting Poop Stool

Best With footstool:
Buy: Fanwer Squatting Poop Stool

Best For adult:
Buy: Zosta Squatting Poop Stool

Best For Light Weight:
Buy: Vansand Squatting Poop Stool

Best For Foot:
Buy: Beinilai Squatting Poop Stool

Best Stool:
Buy: Yose Squatting Poop Stool

Best For elderly:
Buy: RUN HELIX Squatting Poop Stool

Best For preventive care:
Buy: WOWOO home Squatting Poop Stool

Best For small space:
Buy: Evron Squatting Poop Stool

Best With mainstream Toilet brands:
Buy: Ahkunmt Squatting Poop Stool

Best For comfort Height Toilet:
Buy: Figo home kitchen supplies Squatting Poop Stool

Best Overall: Auoace Squatting Poop Stool

Auoace Squatting Poop Stool
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If you are currently in the market looking for a reliable stool for your daily usage, you cannot go wrong with the auoace squatting poop stool. If you enjoy your pooping time you will enjoy using this. It's made up of heavy-duty, high strength bpa. It has been tested thousands of times and verified that the 7 inch height fits 14"-16" standard toilet. This puts your body in the ideal placement for being able to relieve yourself. It comes with a lock mechanism for the legs, no risk for folding automatically when in use.

This is in combination with a good probiotic and more fiber, that makes an even better difference. It comes with any scents for the actual hole in the stool. It has a lock mechanism for the legs, no risk for folding automatically when in use.

Why We Like This:
  • Really helps straighten up that bowel and helps with evacuation
  • Very sturdy compared to the other one piece molded version of "potty" devices
  • Very solid and stores out of the way
  • Foldable, storable leg riser for natural poop squatting position

Best For small Bathroom: CHEAGO Squatting Poop Stool

CHEAGO Squatting Poop Stool
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The cheago squatting poop stool is suitable and reliable and fits well with your daily usage. This folding toilet stool really helps with constipation. Cheago toilet stool is strive to improve your bowel movement to reduce everyday toilet time and bring a happy toilet experience. It comes with its morden outlook and unique folding design, it is both stylish and practical. It is super light and can be carried wherever it is needed.

It comes with the curve design that fits every toilet, allows for an easier and better experience in the bathroom. The fact that it's foldable makes it convenient to tuck out of the way. It's sturdy and easy to store flat. This squatty potty will be put to good use.

Why We Like This:
  • Inexpensive but bulky and a bit flimsy
  • Game changer for your poo time
  • One of the new comers and featured product

Best With footstool: Fanwer Squatting Poop Stool

Fanwer Squatting Poop Stool
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We know from years of feedback from readers, customers and amazon sellers, what most people want in a convenient and appropriate stool. The fanwer squatting poop stool is exactly that - it's a simple stool that hits all the right notes. The Fanwer potty stool can help your entire family correct posture, reduce constipation, hemorrhoids, relieve straining and bloating of the bowel. It can use as a step stool for kiddos or as a squatty potty. It’s sturdy and light weight to move out from underneath the toilet and push back away when it’s done. It even comes with a small screw driver.

The pieces fit together easily, and the package even contains a screwdriver to do the job. The stool is pretty and just the right height. It will help you store and save precious bathroom space.

Why We Like This:
  • Great choice for a squat stool
  • Perfectly tucks out of the way when pushed against the toilet
  • One of the new comers and featured product

Best For adult: Zosta Squatting Poop Stool

Zosta Squatting Poop Stool
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The zosta squatting poop stool's high-end materials makes sure that it ages well with use. This bamboo toilet stool is heavier and stronger. It fits in front of commode easily. It's really sturdy and comfortable for adults to use when sitting down also. The toilet stool has a collapsible button design that is flexible for storage and can save your bathroom space.

This squatting toilet stool will effectively reduce constipation, hemorrhoids, strain and bloating problems. It can be pushed up closer to the toliet when not being used. The weight capacity is about 220 pounds. It's super convenient because unlike other children's potty stools, this one slides directly under the toilet and doesn't stick out.

Why We Like This:
  • Sturdy, decorative, and does not get in anyone’s way
  • Very sturdy and fits the toilet perfectly
  • Very good if you have constipation problems
  • Fits well and slides against the toilet out of the way when not needed

Best For Light Weight: Vansand Squatting Poop Stool

Vansand Squatting Poop Stool
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Vansand has been making great stool for years, thanks to a combination of clever design and appropriate materials. There's really no need to tie up so much real estate for the simple task of holding two legs & feet a bit elevated. It is easy toopen and snap into place and sturdy. It fits good in small space. It’s 105 and 55 - the further you push it against the base of the toilet, the more snug it fits. It makes sense that it would be effective and more comfortable, and it is. It is great for propping little feet when toileting. It is sturdy, super white, and does the job. It easily collapsible so you can store away.

Why We Like This:
  • Super lightweight, fold-able to stash size, easy to scoot around
  • The perfect height to assist with handling your business
  • For use in bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room
  • Great little stool that’s helpful and out of the way

Best For Foot: Beinilai Squatting Poop Stool

Beinilai Squatting Poop Stool
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It’s a really sturdy stool. It is both a toilet stool for adult and a poop stool for kids, and the bathroom stool is 8 inches high to meet the requirements of most people and toilets of different heights. It's wooden texture is finely sanded and smoothly sealed. It keeps you in the correct position. It is easy to clean around and looks great. It fits nicely under the toilet, without sticking out too much. It is a very sturdy stool and locks in place when you open it.

Why We Like This:
  • Huge fan very durable and so easy to fold up
  • Hinges are solid, and work perfectly
  • Very sturdy and the wood is beautiful

Best Stool: Yose Squatting Poop Stool

Yose Squatting Poop Stool
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This potty stool for adults does what it’s designed for and tucks away close to the toilet. It can be put away by turning on its side. This stool is perfect other than it doesn’t fold. It is made of plastic and comes equipped with four rubber grips to keep it from sliding when in use. It can see it requires a little assembly but is super easy and sturdy.

This stool is easy to assemble, feels sturdy, and has grooves to keep your feet from sliding as well as pads under the legs of the stool to keep it from slipping across the floor while you’re using it. This simple assistive product has proven effective. It is for the lucky people that have discovered the practicality and effective body position of the raised knees for constipation relief, this is the stool for your bathroom.

Why We Like This:
  • Incredibly easy to put together and definitely helps when you’re, yanno, doing your thing
  • Solid stool,yet small enough to stay out of the way
  • Easy to set up and works just like the squaty potty
  • Smaller footprint than standard plastic versions

Best For elderly: RUN HELIX Squatting Poop Stool

RUN HELIX Squatting Poop Stool
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The toilet potty stool helps achieve optimal squat position and makes you achieve optimal healthier bowel movements. The poop stool allows your colon to relax, open, and empty completely, and will improve symptoms of hemorrhoids, constipation, and bloating. The stool is open at the bottom making room for those facing the toilet. It makes your bowl moments more relax.

The squatting poop stool has been tested many times and verified that the 7-inch height fits a 14"-16" standard toilet, and the radian fits perfectly with the toilet. This is a great value and like that you can fold it up and store away if you'd like.

Why We Like This:
  • Doesn't take up too much space
  • Assembly is as simple as folding the legs out to lock into place
  • Good investment for long term

Best For preventive care: WOWOO home Squatting Poop Stool

WOWOO home Squatting Poop Stool
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If you want nothing less than best convenient stool, then wowoo home squatting poop stool is the one you should definitely consider. The WOWOO HOME 7'' Wooden with Metal Squatting Toilet Stool is a great addition to any bathroom and is sure to help you with your next bowel movement. It fits all toilets (7" height), most comfortable, and effective. It can be placed next to the bathroom toilet as a squatting toilet, or placed under the sink as a high stool for children, which is convenient for children to wash, or it can be used as a normal stool in the bedroom and living room.

This stool is made from durable wood and metal construction and is designed to fit most standard toilets. The way it raises your feet, aligning the intestines, definitely makes it easier and more comfortable to use the restroom. It hides well under the toilet, if you don't want to use it. It is made with eco-friendly materials.

Why We Like This:
  • Implementation of a defecation posture modification device
  • Strong and convenient squatting toilet stool
  • Tucks around bowl easily, when not in use

Best For small space: Evron Squatting Poop Stool

Evron Squatting Poop Stool
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The evron squatting poop stool is satisfactory and appropriate and fits well with your regular usage. Compared to the ordinary folding toilet stools, the evron stackable toilet stool can be directly placed in the groove under your toilet instead of laborious and tedious steps of opening and folding while providing much more stable support. It is made with high quality abs and bpa free. It is perfect for a small space.

The Evron toilet stool works perfectly with all standard toilets, and a perfect position is created by helping you lean forward using a subtle sloped surface on the toilet stool from 7.5" to. It is perfect for what you need them for and it’s nice that you can move them to where you want each to be individually. It is stackable and small, thus you can place it anywhere in the restroom.

These are perfect, and compact. It is much more convenient to use.

Why We Like This:
  • Works good and can stack for smaller bathrooms
  • Helping to maintain a healthier lifestyle
  • Designed to work with standard toilets

Best With mainstream Toilet brands: Ahkunmt Squatting Poop Stool

Ahkunmt Squatting Poop Stool
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We would, of course, be remiss if we didn't mention ahkunmt squatting poop stool for daily purpose. The natural squatting posture of the toilet stool squat adult can correctly align the colon, quickly empty, improve colon health, and help to treat and prevent hemorrhoids. The adult folding toilet can save the storage space of the bathroom and can be easily placed in the corner of the bathroom.

There is a space on the stool in the bathroom where you can place the perfume box and put your favorite perfume in it, so that you can clean the air and complete the task easily and happily. This is lightweight and does the job. The toilet stool surface has an anti-skid design to protect your safety. It can fully withstand the weight of 500 pounds without breaking. It is compatible with mainstream toilet brands.

Why We Like This:
  • Good brand reputation
  • Good investment for long term

Best For comfort Height Toilet: Figo home kitchen supplies Squatting Poop Stool

Figo home kitchen supplies Squatting Poop Stool
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The figo home kitchen supplies squatting poop stool should be able to handle its purpose and duties with ease. The bamboo double toilet foot stools raise your knees which tilts your body at the perfect angle to open the rectum. They can easily sit on the back of your toilet and no one would be the wiser. These are bamboo and steel. It takes up less space and also it is made without plastic.

These are the perfect size to fit in a luggage or back pack. It is for the purpose of older children and adults to go poo, nothing else. These are very substantial and well made, easy to open and close. It will be a great addition to have on hand for traveling.

Why We Like This:
  • Easily adjusts to 7¡± 8¡±9¡± high and features non-slip feet
  • Good investment for long term