The 6 Best Stinky Foot problems (2023 reviews)

stinky foot problems
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Best Overall:
Buy: poopourri Stinky Foot problem

Best For cleats:
Buy: Sof SOLE Stinky Foot problem

Best For Foot Odor problem:
Buy: Rocket pure eucalyptus Scent

Best For Work boot:
Buy: Doctorcare plus Stinky Foot problem

Best For Foot Smell:
Buy: Rocket pure Stinky Foot problem

Best For golfers:
Buy: Cleankicks Stinky Foot problem

Best Overall: poopourri Stinky Foot problem

poopourri Stinky Foot problem
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The poopourri stinky foot problem is the best feature-rich problem on the market today. Scent is strong at first like cedar and eucalyptus but it is nice. It doesn't make your stuff smell like flowers or berries or anything like that. This stuff works if you use it each night when you take off your shoes. It does work well for the mildly smelly man in your life or for someone like myself that gets the occasional stinky foot smell. This would be great for carrying in your gym bag.

This stuff works like a charm on stinky shoes. Love the cedar scent and it kills the shoe odors during the hot summer months.

Why We Like This:
  • Kills any odour and therefore extends the life of your dress shoes
  • Can use on more than just shoes
  • Very medicinal and not at all fresh or appealing

Best For cleats: Sof SOLE Stinky Foot problem

Sof SOLE Stinky Foot problem
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The sof sole stinky foot problem is satisfactory and appropriate and fits well with your daily usage. This is the best product ever for shoe odor. It's a powerful spray that isn't overwhelming. It is perfect, gets rid of the odor. It does have a very powerful scent so don't spray too much or it will linger in the room. This is great except that they don't smell like Creamsicles anymore. It is great for active child's sneaks and cleats. This is a spray to keep shoes fresh. These sprays are good to use and last for a good while.

Why We Like This:
  • Great for shoes, gym bags and even in the car
  • Destroys odors in shoes, gym bags, athletic gear, and lockers
  • Works even on built in odors

Best For Foot Odor problem: Rocket pure eucalyptus Scent

Rocket pure eucalyptus Scent
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The rocket pure eucalyptus scent should be able to handle its purpose and duties with ease. This product has a strong peppermint fragrance when first sprayed,not at all unpleasant, but let it dry first in your shoes if you don't want to smell like mints. It keeps the feet odor free all day. A couple pumps of peppermint will give your feet a cooling and soothing sensation, leaving them refreshed, revived and ready for the next play. It is good for body odor in general so other places, like a baseball hat, are perfect for this.

This bottle will last you a long time because the product is so effective you don't have to re-apply very often. This won't cure your problem with stinky feet completely, but it can help you and others from fainting when you take your shoes off.

Why We Like This:
  • Really strong deodorizer that leaves a very refreshing mint scent
  • Best deodorant for your shoes especially for young kids shoes
  • Great for kids smelly sports shoes
  • Smells great, not like medicine or a nursing home, but fresh, outdoorsy and clean

Best For Work boot: Doctorcare plus Stinky Foot problem

Doctorcare plus Stinky Foot problem
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The doctorcare plus stinky foot problem is suitable and reliable and fits well with your daily usage. This deodorant spray is applied into the sneaker and works great. It is a really nice essential oil mixture that smells strongly of mint and tea tree oil, and it lasts throughout the day. The standard aerosol sprays fill the air, so whatever you're spraying into shoes and on feet you are also putting in your lungs. The scent of the oils fades, taking the smell of stinky feet with it.

It is an essential oil that is perfect for all shoe types however it is best to spray directly on your feet. The product smells great and it really is all natural. The initial scent is overwhelming, but dissapates after drying after drying after drying. It comes with long days of dancing. The deodorizer spray is safe for the whole family to use and is made from all natural ingredients that are 100 natural anti.

Why We Like This:
  • Keeps your feet and shoes smelling fresh
  • Pleasant smelling product that helps control odor using quality ingredients
  • Very strong minty smell, you dont need too much at all
  • Works really well on smelly shoes

Best For Foot Smell: Rocket pure Stinky Foot problem

Rocket pure Stinky Foot problem
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If you often find yourself confused about appropriate and satisfactory problem, rocket pure stinky foot problem is your end point. At least some of the essential oils used in this product have antibacterial / disinfectant properties, which directly deals with the cause of the odor. The scent is woodsy and very pungent. Best of all, it works—it cures stinky foot odor. The Scent is very pleasant and this spray does an excellent job covering up odors. It’s clean, refreshing and not overpowering.

The spray itself isn't very directed so you end up getting more spray on you and your surroundings than in the shoe.

Why We Like This:
  • Very useful on products that just can't be easily washed
  • Lasts a long time because a very small amount makes the trick
  • Good odor control and dries quickly

Best For golfers: Cleankicks Stinky Foot problem

Cleankicks Stinky Foot problem
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The cleankicks stinky foot problem might be a relatively new release, but it's still nothing short of impressive this year. It truly eliminates odors for a light, fresh scent. The smell is very similar to a citronella/ lemon grass smell. It can help eliminate odors before you walk out the door, after a tough workout, or in the middle of a workday should things get stressful. The spray appears to spray lowly from the bottle which in turn equates to more sprays. It works well to spray and give a nice smell for a second but the odor comes back.

This product really smells mild and good. It is great for shoe odors.

Why We Like This:
  • Works great and has a nice light scent
  • 14 hours of use each day with heavy walking
  • Good brand reputation