The 7 Best Superwashing powders (2023 reviews)

superwashing powders
We consider a superwashing powder to be a worthy investment in the long run. We are here to help you choose the right one for your purposes from all the best available products in market today.

Our review process:

Our Top Picks:

Best Overall:
Buy: charlies Soap Superwashing Powder

Best For garden:
Buy: Earthborn elements Superwashing Powder

Best For prewash:
Buy: Borax Superwashing Powder

Best For eczema:
Buy: Mollys Suds Superwashing Powder

Best For Your Family:
Buy: Mollys Suds Laundry Powder

Best For floor:
Buy: Kirkland signature Superwashing Powder

Best With Both Standard:
Buy: Clean Mama Superwashing Powder

Best Overall: charlies Soap Superwashing Powder

charlies Soap Superwashing Powder
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The look and feel of this powders are consistent with the high quality we're used to from the rest of Charlies Soap's lineup. Concentrated powder laundry soap works on all your laundry, from high-tech fabrics to delicates, washing away smells, stains, and left-behind residue from previous detergents. It is hypoallergenic, free of toxins, dyes, and perfumes. The formula is ideal for those with sensitive skin and will not cover stains or odors with artificial brighteners or perfumes.

The laundry powder and booster are specifically formulated to be safe for grey water systems. It deep cleans your laundry for only pennies per wash (one tablespoon per large load), as it removes trapped odors and stains. It is a non-ionic surfactant that is rapidly biodegradable and is not carcinogenic. There are no waxes and fillers to stiffen your clothes, so you don't need fabric softeners.

Why We Like This:
  • Great for people with eczema, or just generally sensitive skin
  • Delivers what they promise

Best For garden: Earthborn elements Superwashing Powder

Earthborn elements Superwashing Powder
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Not everyone likes to purchase powder for their daily usage, but the earthborn elements superwashing powder would be an anomoly. Earthborn Elements' Borax Powder should work great for cleaning an enamel bathtub. It is good for a lot of things including as an insect repellent for gardens. This one has a salt like consistency where the store Borax is more of a powder. It is based on effectiveness and amount used in getting to the best test results in your pool.

Borax has no distinctive scent, but freshens completely everything you use it on to clean. Being a toxic chemical, there really SHOULD be a protective inner seal on the jar to prevent spillage when first opening the full jar. It is great for spots in towels and sheets. If you need to find a laundry booster that gets the smell out of towels, bedding and clothing, this product performs well. It’s great for a wide variety of other eco friendly uses as well.

Why We Like This:
  • Boosts detergent efficiency, and destroys black mold
  • Works great for removing water and moisture
  • Comes in an easy to use jar
  • Works well to clean vegetables and shopping

Best For prewash: Borax Superwashing Powder

Borax Superwashing Powder
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The borax superwashing powder is capable of outshining several other powder featured in this list in overall features for the price point. This kit could make 40 gallons of laundry soap. It is easy to use to make your own laundry soap with no harsh chemicals. It sifts through the spaces in flaps of the packaging. The kit uses ingredients meant to foam a little. It is more economic, has a great scent and last longer than the leading detergents on the market.

This bundle works great for making your own laundry soap, whether powder, pods, or liquid. Even without the substance that gives it its name, the soap remains an effective laundry aid and a popular addition to homemade laundry detergent recipes. It is ideal for prewash spotting. It is a great, easy, inexpensive way to cut down on waste and get clean clothes.

Why We Like This:
  • You can add your own scents with unstopables
  • Perfect for making your own laundry detergent
  • Best ingredients to make your own laundry soap

Best For eczema: Mollys Suds Superwashing Powder

Mollys Suds Superwashing Powder
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Next on the list, we've got yet another powder that manages to win our hearts. It's the mollys suds superwashing powder and it's widely considered as powder that has the most suitable features. This detergent smells so fresh and it really does clean your clothes naturally. It removes tough greases and outdoor farm dirt. It is great on all fabric types and colors. It cleans and gently deodorizes 1 load of clothes. It's a blend of salts and does not contain bleach. It is natural without any of the nasty chemicals. The scent is clean and mild. It is great for a person that has sensitive skin or eczema.

Why We Like This:
  • Great for a person with sensitive skin
  • Great chemical free soap for sensitive skin
  • Very clean clothes and gentle on fabrics
  • Drys faster and no static cling

Best For Your Family: Mollys Suds Laundry Powder

Mollys Suds Laundry Powder
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The mollys suds laundry powder is suitable and reliable and fits well with your regular usage. Use it for simple light-colored clothing that come out smelling clean. Mollyâs Suds Laundry Powder is safe and ideal for your clothes and your family. It cleans and gently deodorizes 1 load of clothes. It doesn’t leave a super strong smell on your clothes which is nice. It takes less soap than some other powder alternatives.

It is getting the laundry clean, as it works with minerals to assist the water, temperature, and friction to clean.

Why We Like This:
  • Simple easy to use without added chemicals/scents
  • Add your own essential oil, great for sensitives
  • Works great in all water temperatures and hard water, and is septic
  • Smells nice, easy on skin, economic, environmental

Best For floor: Kirkland signature Superwashing Powder

Kirkland signature Superwashing Powder
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We know from years of feedback from readers, customers and amazon sellers, what most people want in a convenient and appropriate powder. The kirkland signature superwashing powder is exactly that - it's a simple powder that hits all the right notes. This washing powder does not get soapy at all. It is definitely a large bucket of powder that goes a long way. Once off, the blue lid may be easily lifted off and viola, there is the detergent and scoop. The big bucket lasts a LONG time. It is the same blue color as the lid, and somewhere around the top there is a tab. It also does really good on the dogs bedding. These new containers make great storage containers after the soap is gone. It cleans really well and leaves a very nice scent on the clothes and bedding.

Why We Like This:
  • Great product for keeping clothes white and bright
  • Just the right amount and type of scent, for girls or guys
  • One of the new comers and featured product

Best With Both Standard: Clean Mama Superwashing Powder

Clean Mama Superwashing Powder
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We would, of course, be remiss if we didn't mention clean mama superwashing powder for regular usage. This non toxic laundry detergent is made with essential oils and essences of plants, lightly scented with pure natural essential oils rather than synthetic fragrances, dyes, optical brighteners, and contaminants, free of solvents, chlorine, or any harsh ingredients. It has some great active wear laundry detergent and sports detergent. It is ultra-concentrated, made from earth-derived ingredients, and formulated for the most sensitive skin, yet strong enough for the toughest stinky clothes and stubborn stains.

The clean laundry detergent is safe to use on baby fabrics and dirty cloth diapers. Tested to remove the worst odors, this light-scented powder doesn’t disappoint. It can keep the baby safe laundry detergent safe for your most delicate clothes and your family.

Why We Like This:
  • Safe for the planet and safe for your family
  • Cruelty-free + vegan, leaping bunny certified
  • Brings fabric colors back to life, brightens fading colors, and helps whiten dingy whites