The 9 Best Toilet aids For senior (2023 reviews)

toilet aids for senior
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Best Overall:
Buy: Vaunn Toilet Aid For senior

Best For men:
Buy: Vive Toilet Aid For senior

Best With regular toliets:
Buy: Vive compact Toilet Safety Rail

Best For handicapped person:
Buy: Oasisspace Toilet Aid For senior

Best For chair Height potty:
Buy: Greenchief Toilet Aid For senior

Best With handrail:
Buy: Hepo Toilet Aid For senior

Best For square modular Toilet:
Buy: Tking Toilet Aid For senior

Best With riser:
Buy: AGRISH Toilet Aid For senior

Best With Grab Bar:
Buy: Kx Store Toilet Aid For senior

Best Overall: Vaunn Toilet Aid For senior

Vaunn Toilet Aid For senior
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The vaunn toilet aid for senior's material feels more premium than its price would suggest. This home/bathroom safety rail is easy to assemble and gives great support. The strength and heavy duty toilet rail features metal steel frames to support the user’s weight up to 300 lbs. The rails are in a more natural position of pushing your self up with your hands on the side as you would with any chairs with arms.

The height of the medical toilet safety frame rail adjusts between 27 ” to 33 ” inches to accommodate the varying needs of its users. It folds flat and can be easily stored. It's easy to assemble, quality materials, sturdy, adjustable, and fits great without having to be attached to the toilet bowl.

Why We Like This:
  • Greatly alleviates pressure on the knee joints very easy to assemble
  • Can be lifted and placed at other locations besides the toilet for easy support
  • Works with advanced (bidet) toilet seats
  • Very sturdy and allows the user to keep their standard toilet seat

Best For men: Vive Toilet Aid For senior

Vive Toilet Aid For senior
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The vive toilet aid for senior gives the top-tier aid a run for their money by offering flagship specs at a much more affordable price. This Toilet Rail is simple to erect, and easy to use. It sits on the floor and provides stable and easy leverage to assist with sitting/ standing. It provides sturdy assistance up and down to a person who needs it, and doesn't require installation or anything permanent.

The sturdy, stand alone toilet rail conveniently provides safety and security when sitting down or standing up in the bathroom. The product is sturdy, yet lightweight if needed to be moved. It is excellent for getting up from a sitting position. It is simple to assemble in just a couple of minutes with no tools, and works very well.

Why We Like This:
  • Useable with chairs as well as the toliet
  • Great stability and ease of use
  • Fits the space between the vanity and the wall quite nicely

Best With regular toliets: Vive compact Toilet Safety Rail

Vive compact Toilet Safety Rail
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The vive compact toilet safety rail is suitable and reliable and fits well with your daily usage. If you need assistance raising and lowering your body, this is the simplest and most cost effective support aid you’ll ever use. It has two “padded extensions” that rest under the toilet seat, so when you’re sitting there, it is very sturdy. It is a simple attachment that uses the existing screw holes for the toilet seat. It is capable of getting a little wider by pushing the arms wider by about an inch.

The grab bars are very comfortable when held ont and the plus side is easy to assemble. It is a great aid for after hip surgery. The toilet rails are comfortable to grip due to a foam like padding. It is easy to install too. This works great, is sturdy and very stable. It’s easy to install too.

Why We Like This:
  • Makes post surgery trips to the toilet much safer
  • Perfect for anyone that needs support
  • Space saver & great alternative to over the toilet commode

Best For handicapped person: Oasisspace Toilet Aid For senior

Oasisspace Toilet Aid For senior
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The oasisspace toilet aid for senior's material feels more premium than its price would suggest. This is made like the frame of a bedside commode that is placed behind the toilet seat to allow a person to push up from a regular commode. It allows ease to sit slowly and rise independently. It is sturdy, and easy to move on trips.

This device has suction cups to hold it in place and keep it from moving when you sit or get up. The arms are sloped just slightly and provide a better and more natural angle for gripping the bars. It is great for all handicapped or elderly or surgical recovery.

Why We Like This:
  • Really helps elderly with mobility issues to sit by themselves
  • Good quality aluminum tubing, sturdy, feels very stable
  • Very sturdy, doesn't need to be mounted to a wall

Best For chair Height potty: Greenchief Toilet Aid For senior

Greenchief Toilet Aid For senior
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We would, of course, be remiss if we didn't mention greenchief toilet aid for senior for daily purpose. This kit is realatively easy to assemble and install. It bolts to the toilet using the same screws that attach the toilet seat, and is height adjustable. The greenchief safety rail is easy to assemble. It is supposed to attach to the bolts that hold on the toilet seat. The device uses the holes for your toilet seat.

The compact safety toilet rail supports up to 300 pounds, constructed with a corrosion. This does not come with very good instructions but is really easy to assemble once you lay it out. The product is light and easy to put together.

Why We Like This:
  • Adds security for patient easing down to sitting position
  • Easy assembly and adjustable for width and height
  • Delivers what they promise

Best With handrail: Hepo Toilet Aid For senior

Hepo Toilet Aid For senior
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We know from years of feedback from readers, customers and amazon sellers, what most people want in a convenient and appropriate aid. The hepo toilet aid for senior is exactly that - it's a simple aid that hits all the right notes. The Hepo toilet safety rails for elderly cares for your needs and provides affordable mobility and daily living aids to help users maintain their independence. It fits snug to the sides of the toilet bowl and looks good in the bathroom. It is made of high quality hdpe material, which is odorless and non-toxic. The side clamps and crossbars which stabilize the structure provide extra safety to seniors, patient post surgery, disabled and pregnant women.

The seat can accommodate overweight people easily. The pads on each side can be moved inward by set screws so that they very tightly grip the toilet bowl. It has grippers to safely hold on to with ease and comfort. It is suitable for any standard elongated or oval toilet, even raised toilet seats, and can also work as a toilet seat riser.

Why We Like This:
  • Extremely sturdy frame and bars for toilet for elderly or injured
  • Very stable and adjusts for height
  • Best solution for rehab and frail patients
  • Very sturdy, very safe for a person with some form of physical disability

Best For square modular Toilet: Tking Toilet Aid For senior

Tking Toilet Aid For senior
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The tking toilet aid for senior's high-end materials makes sure that it ages well with use. This toilet frame is SOLID and made with excellent quality materials. It is made of strong, durable steel but is lightweight. The suction cups secured the frame to the toilet and ground really well. The design of the rails provides a safe environment to use the restroom while still being comfortable to grip and use. It is a great sturdy frame to help people get up and down from the toilet.

The armrest height can be adjusted on several levels, and the bolt-free pin design is adopted, which is easy to adjust to the most suitable height. It is fairly stable, easy to use, and doesn’t take up too much room. It works with all types of commodes and toilets, it can also be used in other parts of the house.

Why We Like This:
  • Easy to put together and can adjust to any height for arm handle control
  • Installed quickly as needed for elderly or mobility
  • Provides stability when getting up and down the toilet
  • Strong floor suction cups prevents instability

Best With riser: AGRISH Toilet Aid For senior

AGRISH Toilet Aid For senior
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Compared with other aid in this category, the agrish toilet aid for senior has a convenient design. It’s very sturdy, and you can adjust the width to what you need. It can easily be taken apart and stored for another time that it is needed. It comes with a storage pocket, that perfectly fits the toilet rails. It can be moved around and adjusted to the height and width needed. It rests against the tank and behind the seat. It’s also the added bonus of storage mesh that can keep their essential toiletries close at hand, without having to worry about tripping over anything or struggling to reach them. They do have normal feet with rubber on them and this works well for when you're already standing, not when you're trying to push yourself up.

Why We Like This:
  • Really helps getting up and down
  • Lots of height and width adjustments, and two sets of caps for the legs
  • A safe and secure solution for bathroom safety
  • Very easy to put them together, no screws or bolts

Best With Grab Bar: Kx Store Toilet Aid For senior

Kx Store Toilet Aid For senior
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Not everyone likes to purchase aid for their regular usage, but the kx store toilet aid for senior would be an anomoly. It is designed to help people with slightly inconvenient legs and feet to achieve independent toileting, standing up through arm support, and also provides safety assistance. It saves having to drive support bars into the rear wall. The toilet is one of those very small and low heights and this chair fits it using all its smaller settings. It is easy to clean as no bodily waste actually touches the toilet seat rails or attachments. The grips are strong and non-sliding.

For someone with mobility issues, this chair will be an aid in sitting and standing, and also as an auxiliary grip going through the bathroom, say, to an adjacent shower stall. The product comes with an adjustable fabric belt with a quick-release buckle. A tissue holder and side pockets provide a more convenient extra to store your phone, tablet and magazines as well as a few other things you might need.

Why We Like This:
  • Great quality and easy to assemble
  • Able to push up on the side rails without strain
  • Perfect safety tool for mobility issues