The 5 Best wholesome HOMEMADE Dehydrated Dog foods (2023 reviews)

wholesome homemade dehydrated dog foods
It is important to have the well suited wholesome homemade dehydrated dog food. In the following post, we will help you to select the best wholesome homemade dehydrated dog foods.

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Best Overall:
Buy: Honest Kitchen wholesome HOMEMADE Dehydrated Dog Food

Best For immune system:
Buy: Dr Harveys wholesome HOMEMADE Dehydrated Dog Food

Best For low Protein:
Buy: Dr Harveys HOMEMADE Dog Food

Best For sick Dog:
Buy: Honest Kitchen Nutritious topper

Best For ravenous Dogs:
Buy: Only Natural Pet wholesome HOMEMADE Dehydrated Dog Food

Best Overall: Honest Kitchen wholesome HOMEMADE Dehydrated Dog Food

Honest Kitchen wholesome HOMEMADE Dehydrated Dog Food
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If you often find yourself confused about good food, honest kitchen wholesome homemade dehydrated dog food is your solution. This recipe does all the prep work by creating a healthy base for your own creations. They go crazy for a scoop of this added into their very high end dog food. The Preference base mix is an antioxidant-rich selection of fruits and veggies that takes away the prep work that comes with home cooking, and it's a great choice for dealing with multiple meat sensitivities because you get to pick the perfect protein for your pup.

It reconstitutes quickly and mixes easily with a chosen protein. There's another one that you can choose from that does contain meat or protein. It has all the nutrients your dog needs. It is great stuff, with good quality ingredients.

Why We Like This:
  • Easy to prepare, just add water and meat
  • Excellent soft food for pets stricken with cancer
  • One of the new comers and featured product

Best For immune system: Dr Harveys wholesome HOMEMADE Dehydrated Dog Food

Dr Harveys wholesome HOMEMADE Dehydrated Dog Food
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The dr harveys wholesome homemade dehydrated dog food is capable of outshining several other food featured in this list in overall features for the price point. Paradigm is a specially-blended “green food” pre-mix which makes an ideal base for a nutritionally complete low-carb diet. It is intended to add fresh raw or lightly cooked meat and a healthy oil to the Paradigm mix. This base mix adds just enough fiber to keep their tummies moving and their poo perfect. It comes dehydrated, so you add some water & heat it up so that the mix rehydrates.

This is an amazing alternative to getting veggies and supplements into your dogs diet. It is ideal for dogs with diabetes seeking a ketogenic diet.

Why We Like This:
  • Great, easy base for a raw or cooked diet
  • Easy way to add good veggies to your dog's food
  • Great option for a healthier way to feed

Best For low Protein: Dr Harveys HOMEMADE Dog Food

Dr Harveys HOMEMADE Dog Food
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Best part: dr harveys homemade dog food costs comparatively low and it is available to ship in 24 hours. This dog food has truly been a miracle food source for them. It is easy to travel with raw meals. Meals can be prepped ahead and refrigerated or frozen, just follow the guide inside the bag. The feeding guide provides a per day amount that you can split into how many meals your dog is used to. There is also whole food calcium in the deep green leafy vegetables in the mix.

This food is meant as a base, meaning you have to add protein. It can be stored at room temperature. It is perfect for low protein diets. It is a life saver and worth every penny and labor to prepare.

Why We Like This:
  • Happy, healthy, great skin, coat and eye twinkle
  • Organic rolled oats, organic barley, organic triticale, organic
  • You can cook chicken, any meat really, from raw for you or your corgi
  • Smells great and looks very appetizing

Best For sick Dog: Honest Kitchen Nutritious topper

Honest Kitchen Nutritious topper
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Not everyone likes to purchase food for their daily purpose, but the honest kitchen nutritious topper would be an anomoly. The Honest Kitchen One Pot Stews are considered human grade quality. It is made with human grade ingredients of chicken, sweet potatoes, spinach and apples. They are great quality, smell good (don’t always look appealing lol) but the stew looks like stew. It’s more like a very thick, slightly chunky soup. The ingredients are good-quality, and the food is easy for them to digest.

The pate is less stinky and, although it comes out as a blob, is less stomach-turning. It is perfect topper for bland k/d diet. It is perfectly supplements a regular kibble diet, and works especially well when needing to hide meds for a dog to eat. They are easy to open and once you use some, you need to refrigerate the remaining in the package.

Why We Like This:
  • Nice consistency, has enough gravy for optional mixing with dry food
  • Perfect to mix with dry food
  • Works great as a food topper

Best For ravenous Dogs: Only Natural Pet wholesome HOMEMADE Dehydrated Dog Food

Only Natural Pet wholesome HOMEMADE Dehydrated Dog Food
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Only Natural Pet has been making great food for years, thanks to a combination of clever design and appropriate materials. This food has visible chunks of vegetables, meaty (kibbles, chunks, not sure what to call them), and both dogs seem to enjoy it. It is very easy to rehydrate the food, just the same as Spot Farms. This is an excellent stew mix that one can reconstitute with warm water. There is a dry seasoning mix that gives it a thin gravy once you add the water, and the pieces that don't rehydrate are no harder than standard dry kibble, so they gobble it all up. It's salt-free. This food is not very easy to rehydrate. It is easy to use but does not reconstitute quickly.

Why We Like This:
  • Honest kitchen grain free chicken recipe and
  • 9 cups of food once it's cooked
  • New and hot release