The 12 Best Handheld Rollers (2023 reviews)

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Best Overall:
Buy: SKLZ Handheld Roller

Best With Rolling pin:
Buy: trigger point performance Handheld Roller

Best For thigh:
Buy: REEHUT Handheld Roller

Best For adult:
Buy: Idson Handheld Roller

Best For riling out legs:
Buy: Sportneer Handheld Roller

Best For athlete:
Buy: Zanllw Handheld Roller

Best For Fascia:
Buy: Cozlow Handheld Roller

Best For sore Muscle:
Buy: Raband Handheld Roller

Best For women:
Buy: Huntmic Handheld Roller

Best For money:
Buy: Hathkaam Handheld Roller

Best For circle:
Buy: Tondiamo Handheld Roller

Best For knot:
Buy: nine For nine Handheld Roller

Best Overall: SKLZ Handheld Roller

SKLZ Handheld Roller
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The look and feel of this rollers are consistent with the high quality we're used to from the rest of Sklz's lineup. It's certainly a quality construction, smooth rolling ball bearings, silky matte grip and soft rubber material makes all the difference in the world. It rolls well, has a soft rubber cover over the roller with comfortable grippy handles. The grips are easy to hold and the bar spins easily and evenly. This works best on leg areas that need a rub down after a strenuous workout and on the sides of the neck.

This is PERFECT for shin splint relief. It is great way to get to hard to reach muscles. The handles are nice in your hands and the rubber rollers are nice, not too hard. It is certainly quality construction, smooth rolling ball bearings, silky matte grip and soft rubber material makes all the difference in the world.

Why We Like This:
  • Effective, rolls smoothly, great size and comfortable handles with no foam smell
  • Great massager and easy to use
  • Awesome non-medicated relief for muscle pain
  • Wonderful massage bar that leaves you on your own

Best With Rolling pin: trigger point performance Handheld Roller

trigger point performance Handheld Roller
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The trigger point performance handheld roller's high-end materials makes sure that it ages well with use. It is great foam roller to get some harder to reach areas. The Foam spindles individually roll across muscles to provide a comfortable massage while increasing circulation to improve muscle mobility. It delivers more than enough crunch but can be as gentle as you like too. The texture on the roller are good for working different muscles. It feels solid in your hands when in use.

The flexible stk contour muscle roller stick wraps around and compresses muscles while rolling to increase circulation, speed up recovery, and improve mobility. It is easy to get the muscle area right next to the shin bone without rolling over the bone. It's light to hold and the length makes it easy to grip.

Why We Like This:
  • Can apply any level of pressure and still get something out of it
  • Perfect amount of pressure points on this rolling massager
  • Hard foam rollers mounted on flexible shaft for thorough post-exercise massage
  • Amazing and just flexible enough that it still gives a firm roll

Best For thigh: REEHUT Handheld Roller

REEHUT Handheld Roller
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Reehut makes beautiful and great roller with classic and smartly choosen materials. It is great for getting knots out of thighs and legs. It is designed for physical therapy, roll knots out of muscles for myofascial release & trigger point therapy, increase blood flow, aid rehabilitation, reduces soreness, stiffness & pain. The sections roll smoothly and the grips are sturdy. It definitely helps in between massages after a surgery. The rollers are hard plastic and the stick is a metal cylinder. It is sturdy, works great. It is easy to roll out on the go and in spaces with limited ground area.

Why We Like This:
  • Great for sore muscles and helping relieve numbness
  • Great for rolling out legs and helps with soreness
  • Works great and a little easier on other body parts than traditional foam rolling
  • Awesome, easy tool to use for tired muscles

Best For adult: Idson Handheld Roller

Idson Handheld Roller
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If you often find yourself scrambling for appropriate and satisfactory roller, idson handheld roller should be your first option for buying. This roller really helps loosen up your muscles. It is great for relief of charlie horse legs. It is made from high quality industrial strength materials and built to last a lifetime, with thermoplastic rubber and polypropylene handles for an ergonomic grip and 9 abs independent rollers on a steel rod core. The stick rolls easy and provides smooth and reliable release of tight muscles, aiding in recovery and pain mitigation.

The stick is an inovative device used by runners and other athletes to segmentally compress and stretch muscle, and is highly effective in the treatment of muscle pain and trigger points, as well as for preventative purposes. It is perfect for quads, hamstrings and calves. It is easy to take along for travel and to games.

Why We Like This:
  • Works great on hard to roll calf muscles
  • Good sized grips for man-sized hands
  • Really helps with recovery and muscle soreness
  • Great size length wise and rolls out muscle cramps and pain with ease

Best For riling out legs: Sportneer Handheld Roller

Sportneer Handheld Roller
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If you often find yourself confused about appropriate and satisfactory roller, sportneer handheld roller should be your first option for buying. It is a great inexpensive tool for relaxing sore or strained muscles. It is perfect for runners and those who have stiff muscles. It is made from strong hard plastic, and the size is right. It is great for getting help to get rid of knots and muscles aches. It is great for after runs and easier to use than a foam roller.

You will love this stick because it is so great for sore muscles.

Why We Like This:
  • Great tool to travel, light weigh, easy to use
  • Great for massaging the leg muscles
  • Good brand reputation

Best For athlete: Zanllw Handheld Roller

Zanllw Handheld Roller
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We know from years of feedback from readers, customers and amazon sellers, what most people want in a convenient and appropriate roller. The zanllw handheld roller is exactly that - it's a simple roller that hits all the right notes. This trigger point massage stick helps relax the muscles that are cramping up tremendously by rolling hard over area cramping. Because arms are softer than legs this is ideal for upper body stimulation. It's sturdy and can be used for multiple different things.

The rollers on this one have some protrusions that can kind of get into the muscles a little better, the other roller has smooth wheels which aren't quite as useful. Because it comes with regular massaging, you can increase blood circulation and improve your muscles flexibility. It's perfect size for rolling on your body no matter what size you are. It has come in handy for massaging knees and hamstrings and even easily maneuverable enough to use on hips where there is soreness from sitting too long.

Why We Like This:
  • Great for rolling out tight knots
  • Great for muscle cramps or stiff areas
  • Works well on sore back & shoulders
  • More pressure you add the more pressure you will feel

Best For Fascia: Cozlow Handheld Roller

Cozlow Handheld Roller
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Not everyone likes to purchase roller for their regular usage, but the cozlow handheld roller would be an anomoly. It is very lightweight but is sturdy. It works really well to move fluid from lymphedema to your lymph nodes. It’s a perfectly light pressure to help with lymph drainage. It also lessens pain for short spans of time.

This is lightweight and very easy to use. It really moves the underlying fascia around and increases circulation. It comes with instructions and a dust bag to keep it clean. It is sturdy and very relaxing and exactly how it is described.

Why We Like This:
  • Handle is big enough to hang on to
  • Simple device that works really well
  • Good brand reputation

Best For sore Muscle: Raband Handheld Roller

Raband Handheld Roller
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If you want nothing but a roller that is convenient, this raband handheld roller is certainly a wise investment. The ribbed roller really gives an intense massage. It can reduce muscle soreness and pain in targeted areas, while also increasing muscle flexibility and range of motion. The ridges in it provide just the right amount of stimulation and massage without it being too much.

This massager has retractable hand grips. It is easy to use and adjust, from handles to handles and gives a great massage. Best of all, it's super effective in releasing upper leg muscles and calves. The roller is easy to use and can help relieve pain if you stay consistent with using it. The firmness of the material is perfect, some flex so it's not too hard but feels hard enough on your skin to get out tougher knots.

Why We Like This:
  • Excellently built and a heavy duty product
  • Great quality, rolls smooth, and the right foam density
  • Great tool to relieve those muscles
  • Great tool for recovery and rehab

Best For women: Huntmic Handheld Roller

Huntmic Handheld Roller
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The huntmic handheld roller's superior materials makes sure that it ages well with use. This massager works great for sore muscles. It really allows you to follow the curved of your body and effectively release tension. These little cylinders with spikes dig right in to the soar stiffness or charliehorse loosening it up. It helps to detoxify your body too as you massage your lymphatic system. It is great for frequent leg cramps or other muscle soreness.

It is great for muscle relief after a workout.

Why We Like This:
  • Light weight, easy to use, well priced
  • Tones body and helps with lymphatic drainage
  • You can roll it on your legs, arms stomach anywhere but your face
  • Usefull for many different parts of the body

Best For money: Hathkaam Handheld Roller

Hathkaam Handheld Roller
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Next on the list, we've got yet another roller that manages to win our hearts. It's the hathkaam handheld roller and it's widely considered as one of the best convenient roller you can buy. This handcrafted and handmade piece of wooden massager is finely carved sculpture that has a practical use. It works, Rolls well, especially good on calves and thigh. This body massager increases blood flow and can dig in deep to provide deep tissue relaxation for muscle pain. The smooth wheels on this wooden massage roller make it a great massager for back pain relief, and it is easy to move back and forth. It is good for rolling up and down the spinal column.

This wooden massage roller is created with natural rosewood and its exceptional quality is so good, that sheesham is known for its longevity. It allows for long-term use additionally improves blood circulation and releases knot blocks. The product is very comfortable while massaging.

Why We Like This:
  • An easy way to relax and restore energy
  • Shapes the muscles and smooths out the skin
  • Sturdy and very effective in massaging calves

Best For circle: Tondiamo Handheld Roller

Tondiamo Handheld Roller
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Best part: tondiamo handheld roller costs comparatively low and it is available to ship in 24 hours. The protruding head of muscle massage body stick can deeply massage your muscles and make you feel comfortable from the out. The rollers are a bit softer than expected. The roller massager with handle is suitable for the whole body such as face, neck, arms, legs, calves, thighs, shoulders, back, waist and feet, which can easily provide relief and relaxation for your body and muscles, bringing you a comfortable experience.

The pointy edges are not very strong on the skin. The rubber rolling massage part does not protrude far enough from the plastic handle so that when using, the plastic rubs against your skin and sometimes pinches. You can carry it in your travel bag to ease your sore muscles after a strenuous workout or a long trip.

Why We Like This:
  • Inexpensive compared to other cellulite massagers
  • Good investment for long term

Best For knot: nine For nine Handheld Roller

nine For nine Handheld Roller
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Compared with other roller in this category, the nine for nine handheld roller has a convenient design. This 14" handheld spindle massage roller is very handy. It’s sturdy but with just enough flexibility to move along body curves. It is perfect length for rolling your calves, hamstrings, and quads. This works like a rolling pin and has several large white plastic beads that feel great when you roll them over spots with tension.

This 14" version is ideal for throwing in your gym bag and traveling with. It comes with well over 200+ lb. The roller bar at the center is a good bit more flexible than the others own. It is easy to use solo on your legs and upper back, but work better with a partner for your lower back.

Why We Like This:
  • Flexible enough to contour the biggest muscle groups
  • Massage rolling is quick and easy
  • Helps with muscle aches and pain
  • Stiff enough to apply massive amounts of pressure to knots